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Government urges Zimbabweans to stop sleeping with prostitutes

by Mandla Ndlovu
20 Mar 2020 at 10:08hrs | Views
Deputy Government Spokesperson Energy Mutodi has urged Zimbabweans to stop soliciting for services from prostitutes due to the global outbreak of coronavirus.

Speaking after the launch of the National Preparedness Program Mutodi said, "As we launch the Coronavirus National Preparedness Campaign, we are discouraging close personal contact in queues including the hiring of sex workers. Sex workers are at high risk of person to person transmission and can spread the virus quickly in urban areas and growth points."

The coronavirus cases have risen to 202 in neighbouring South Africa. Zambia has also reported cases of the virus.

The government of Zimbabwe says there is no positive case yet.

In 2015 the Constitutional Court on Wednesday outlawed the arrest of sex workers found loitering the streets for purposes of prostitution, saying as long as there were no men who would confirm being approached by the women for sex, the arrests were unconstitutional.

The National Aids Council and the Centre for Sexual Health and HIV/Aids Research Zimbabwe (CeSHHAR) have for the past years rolling out programs targeting girls and women aged between 15 and 24 to take part in "economic strengthening" training sessions.

CARE International said there were reports of girls as young as 14 resorting to selling sex, especially en route to SA and near goldmines.

"Sometimes they earn as little as R5 for one sexual encounter. It's not even enough to buy a loaf," said CARE's regional gender expert Everjoy Mahuku told the media recently.

Source - Byo24News