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Beggars blast Zim lockdown

by Tarisai Mudahondo
29 Mar 2020 at 08:26hrs | Views
Visually impaired beggars in the streets of Harare who find themselves desperate and neglected during this pandemic of coronavirus feel that the virus is better than what they are going to experience for 21 days of lockdown.

Londani Mupapa said," We are going to die of hunger and stress before even the virus reaches to us.

Coronavirus is not our main worry but how are we going to sustain our families, myself l am father of 5 and we can not beg on an empty streets."

Mupapa further pleaded for intervention of the government in their case.

"It was better if the government had given us food hampers we would stay home with no problem," he said.

Another visually impaired woman Chipo Chimba who earn a living by begging in buses told Bulawayo that she would rather die of the virus fending for her kids that staying home.

"Our lives are from hand to mouth we do not have any savings henceforth l will continue begging in streets since now buses are limited," she said.

Source - Tarisai Mudahondo