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We are prepared to defend the people's movement to the last drop of our blood!

by Stephen Jakes
31 Mar 2020 at 13:47hrs | Views
MDC Youth Assembly, has said it is concerned over an unholy alliance between Thokozani Khupe and ZANU PF to destabilize and derail the people's movement using the courts.

 MDC Youth Assembly National Spokesperson Stephen Sarkozy Chuma said while the whole world is still in shock because of the ravaging Corona pandemic Khupe working in cahoots with Emmerson Mnangagwa unashamedly planned a coup on people's movement via the Supreme Court.

"As MDC Youth Assembly, we are very clear and unambiguous that after the death of our iconic leader, Dr Morgan Tsvangirai, the leadership question was put to rest by the legitimate May 2019 Gweru Congress! It is now a public secret that legitimate MDC structures entrusted party presidency to Advocate Nelson Chamisa," he said.

"Any second hand and black market attempt to lead the people's movement via pre-choreographed court judgement is a coup on the people of Zimbabwe! We have stated it before and we are going to state it now that we are prepared to defend the people's movement to the last drop of our blood! As the party's first and last line of defense, we will never relent to defend the people's project!"

He said leadership coups through courts will only leave ZANU PF attempts to hijack the people's project exposed.

"As MDC Youth Assembly we are not going to allow a ZANU PF Trojan horse in form of Thokozani Khupe to hijack the people's revolution! We urge all youths and party members to be vigilant and alert in defending our party, its emblems, logo, symbols, property and buildings!"

Source - Byo24News