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'MDC Alliance died in 2018' Mwonzora explains

by Mandla Ndlovu
02 Apr 2020 at 12:13hrs | Views
Former MDC Secretary-General Douglas Mwonzora says the political entity called MDC Alliance fell away immediately after the 2018 elections when none of the alliance partners managed to get enough political mandate to form a government.

Speaking in an interview with Open parly on Thursday Mwonzora said, "The MDC Alliance is a group of 7 political parties constituted in terms of the Alliance Agreement. It is not a party. One of the parties in the Alliance is the main MDC formerly led by MT. This party is certainly affected by the ruling.

"The alliance agreement makes it clear that the parties in it retain their individual identity. It makes it clear that the Alliance falls away if none of the parties in it form a government. The Alliance fell away."

Mwonzora explained that according to the Alliance agreement all parties maintained their individual entity and in parliament, 5they are supposed to have different Chief whips.

"The congress in Gweru was not an MDC Alliance congress but an MDC congress. Check the heading of the resolutions of the 2019 congress on the internet. Preceding the congress Ncube dissolved his MDC and joined the main MDC. Biti has not yet dissolved his PDP.

"It is misleading to Nelson Chamisa for Biti to give that irresponsible interpretation of the judgment. The Alliance agreement is there and it speaks for itself. Clause even says Alliance partners will have their own chief whips in Parliament!"

On allegations that he was a ZANU PF mole, Mwonzora said, "I do not suddenly become Zanu PF because I have decided to contest a position at Congress. If indeed my colleagues believed in their accusations they would have brought me before the Disciplinary committee long back. This is a simple mudslinging."

Source - Byo24News