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Shock as Vic Falls police run amok...beat up residents

by Mandla Ndlovu
04 Apr 2020 at 08:58hrs | Views
Four Zimbabwe Republic Police Officers allegedly went on a rampage beating up residents of Mkhosana suburb in the resort town of Victoria Falls on Friday leaving one man unconscious.  The officers who were clad in their police uniforms are alleged to have been drunk when they bolted into people's homes assaulting them

The Chairman of the Victoria Falls Combined Residents Association released a strongly worded statement on Saturday morning condemning what they perceived as police brutality.

Below is the unedited statement from the Residents Association narrating the ordeal.

Esteemed Vic Falls Residents!

Criminals on Violence in the name of COVAD-19 Operation!

Four off duty Police Officers yesterday evening decided to abuse their office and went on a spree of beating up Residents in their homes. They were spotted drinking alcohol around Mkhosana High-Density Suburb during the day while on duty and upon finishing work decided not to go home but went around still in their uniforms assaulting Residents found hanging or seated in their homes.

One 30-year-old male Resident was beaten unconscious after being found in their house with his mother. Neighbours then called the Residents Association to come and intervene on what they perceived as Police brutality as the perpetrators were clad in Police uniform. When the four criminals realised their victim had fallen unconscious, they fled from the scene. As we headed to the scene I called the Officer in Charge of the Station and he responded and assured me that he was making his way too. Upon arrival at the scene there was a large number of Residents baying for Police blood as they complained of other incidents of abuse by the same officers running to this last act. The victim who had just got some first aid from an off duty neighbour Nurse had 'regained his life' but not his strength, sight, speech and memory. Efforts to get an Ambulance from the Hospital proved fruitless and we finally got one from Council and duly arrived together with the Police Team led by The Officer in Charge. The victim was taken to the hospital where he has been admitted and still battling to recover and only able to show the affected head and neck as the body areas of concern.

I would like to take this opportunity and condemn this kind of behaviour from Police Officers entrusted by the powers that may be to look after the Residents and ensure there is compliance with the measures put in the wake of this deadly pandemic. I call upon the law to show no mercy on such members of this key service area and be treated with a heavy hand like any other criminal abusing trust by both Residents and the Authorities. A signal must be sent that the actions by these Officers were purely criminal and NOT part of the Police Modus Oparandi. We call upon our Residents to remain calm and follow the proceedings as they unfold and remain law abiding and not subscribe to this kind of barbaric behaviour. I would also remind our civilised Residents to follow channels of communication using constituted bodies at their disposal to address such anomalies like you did last night. I also strongly condemn the abuse of social media in disrespecting reporting family and Community structures by posting unverified information which may be misleading and fuelling unnecessary unrest to our people. Let Family and or Community structures do the correct information circulation at the appropriate time and to the right platforms. On a parting note I would like to thank our Residents for showing a lot of civilisation by swiftly dealing with the situation and showed unity of purpose without losing diplomacy. The Officer in Charge and his Team for a quick reaction and cooperation in both attending to the scene and apprehending the criminals. Thanks to the Dispol for leaving the comfort of his bed in the middle of the night to attend to this issue making passionate calls to explain the next course of action. Now that the law has relaxed some service conditions like the opening of beer sales points, our residents should take responsibility and not abuse this gesture. Buy your alcohol and go and consume from home. Let us STAY AT HOME!

I Thank You!

From The Desk of The Chairman, Victoria Falls Combined Residents Association             

Source - Byo24News