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Did Welshman Ncube copy thesis from student?

by Staff reporter
05 Apr 2020 at 10:57hrs | Views
A simple google search leads to a Nehanda Radio article of November 14, 2011 which claims that almost 9 weeks after attacking Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai as an "uneducated person who has no capacity to deal with the country's problems" Welshman Ncube who leads the smaller MDC faction is under the spotlight over allegations he plagiarized a dissertation from his student to get his professorship.

Addressing a crowd of less than 100 people at a rally in Torwood, Kwekwe in September this year, Ncube said "The people who started the struggle for Zimbabwe's liberation in 1957 were aware that for them to win over white colonialism they needed an educated leader. Now Zimbabwe has more complex problems than those of 1957.

"Business has collapsed, factories ruined and schools have all but collapsed and these require a leadership with vision and capacity, which only this party has, not a tea boy (referring to Tsvangirai)," Ncube said. The academic lawyer has been Professor of Law at the University of Zimbabwe since 1992. His MPhil (Master of Philosophy) thesis was on Zimbabwean Customary Law focusing on Family Law.

But today Nehanda can reveal that the Professorship that Ncube boasts about was challenged in court after one of his students, the late Dr Tshuma sued him in the High Court for plagiarizing his work.

It was alleged that in the process of gaining his associate professorship through writing several books Ncube plagiarized a dissertation by Dr Tshuma who by then was now a former student.

Ncube agreed to an out of court settlement with Dr Tshuma, a clear indication that there was merit to the claims from his former student.

Ncube just like Jonathan Moyo is also being accused of claiming he is a professor when the correct title should be associate professor.

"Only Dr Lovemore Madhuku is a full Professor among the current crop of academics, Nehanda was told.

"It's quite amazing Ncube can actually be attacking other people's educational standards when the High Court law suit brought about by the late Dr Tshuma showed the MDC-N leader to be an academic fraudster," a senior academic told Nehanda

Source - nehandaradio