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Mugabe brought army Commanders to a Cabinet meeting to confront G40

by Mandla Ndlovu
07 Apr 2020 at 22:41hrs | Views
In 2017, President Robert Mugabe invited military Generals led by General Constantino Chiwenga to come and defend the controversial Command Agriculture project that gobbled about Three billion United States dollars.

Former cabinet Minister Walter Mzembi revealed the matter after Chiwenga recently launched an ambitious $2,7 billion agriculture "special" scheme towards the production of wheat at a time the country is struggling to fund its response to the deadly COVID-19, which has crippled the economies of the world's most powerful countries.

Said Mzembi, "Weeks before November 17, we rejected Command Agriculture in Cabinet before Military Commanders who had invaded the room in full military regalia to intimidate us into approving it. We saw through all the theft that happened later of $3.5bil. $2.7 bil is repeat theft!

"Mugabe started:" I have asked the Commanders to come and explain their model, they say you are sellouts because you are threatening food security by refusing to approve their plan brought here by Emmerson, so over to you Commanders, here is my Cabinet "

Mzembi said he and other members of the former G40 grouping bitterly disagreed with the proposal by the army.

"Chiwenga spoke for 20 minutes, ffed by Valerio, Chihuri, Zimondi, Nhepera & Shiri. I opened the responses rubbished the whole model as grand theft, Tyson, Moyo, Zhuwawo, Makhosini supported vigorously. We earned our G40 stripes that day!"

During the recent launch of the wheat scheme, Chiwenga said, "The country requires approximately 400 000 metric tonnes of wheat grain annually and it is currently achieving four metric tonnes per hectare which compares well to the other wheat producing countries.

"The major challenge in wheat production is due to a number of challenges and among these are inadequate water for irrigation and electricity supply, high input costs and late disbursement of funds which results in late distribution of inputs to farmers under the special programme on wheat, maize and soya beans."

Source - Byo24News