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COVID-19: Absolutism smacks incompetence - ZimFirst

by Stephen Jakes
11 Apr 2020 at 12:59hrs | Views
The ZimFirst leader Maxwell Shumba has said the outbreak of Covid 19 world wide has exposed the incompetence of the Zimbabwean government.

"When a government promulgates a far reaching and life changing directive it should do so after carefully considering all existential aspects of the citizens. The government cannot implement a solution to a problem using a monolithic approach without considering the adverse impacts that may arise elsewhere," Shumba said.

"We have a killer virus in the name of COVID-19 in our midst and is threatening to wipe out all humanity . BUT then on Zimbabwe on the hand there is also the threat of deadly hunger potentially arising from the government mandated lockdown coupled with a very serious housing shortage that resulted from decades of bad governance."

Shumba said did the government take a holistic approach and balance how to universally deal the three scourges?

"Facts on the ground say no. By ignoring the adverse impact of the other two scourges (hunger and housing shortage) it is apparent that the government was eager to be seen by the international community to be falling in line. Why would you close everything in toto without leaving citizens with access to essential services," he said.

"How are they expected to feed their families if everything is closed? I live in Ohio USA, and we have been in lockdown since mid March but all retail stores that sell food supplies remain open. Despite the lockdown we are able to stock our pantries . We have been given guidelines how safely you go out to restock. We maintain 6 feet away from each other . We wear face mask, wash and sanitize our hands frequent. Couldn't Zimbabwe do the same and avoiding an absolute ban?"

Shumba said they could if only they had the people at heart and they knew how.

He said if this was a people first government laden with competent people, they could have designated food stores, banks, hospitals and others, as essential services to allow citizens access to essential services.

"The fact they went on banning all activities when implementing an absolute stay at home ban betrays their sheer incompetence and lack of soul. Indeed? this COVID-19 virus has laid bare the gross incompetence of this government to manage national crises," he said.

"Nothing new. We know it, this government uses an axe for everything . Shame! Zimbabwe will soon have twin viruses: COVID-19 and Hunger. This could have been avoided with a competent and a considerate government. This is justification why 2023 the people of Zimbabwe need to chose a government that stands in their corner. "

Source - Byo24News