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Chamisa' MDC expels 3 rebels

by Staff reporter
07 May 2020 at 16:49hrs | Views
Full transcript of a statement by MDC Alliance deputy national chairman Job Sikhala delivering the position of the party's National Standing Committee on the recalling of four of their legislators from Parliament at the behest of a faction of the party:

"There shouldn't be any panic as I have witnessed since yesterday over this press conference. I did not come here to declare war or a revolution. I have come here to share with you the resolutions of our National Standing Committee which met yesterday for over five hours and made very crucial decisions on a wide range of issues that are currently affecting our country.

Let me also emphasise this. We are united in what we do, the people's cause and revolution is in safe hands. People must not panic, everything is under control.

Realising that the lockdown has been abused to lock down only the people and the MDC Alliance, to ambush the people with the Supreme Court judgement and recalling of the people's members of parliament,

Acknowledging the desperate attempts by the regime to destabilise, weaken and destroy the people's party, the MDC Alliance, a voluntary association by seeking to force it to support puppet leaders imposed upon it by the system,

Rejecting the illegal act in parliament to illegally and unlawfully recall MDC Alliance MPs at the instruction of impostors purporting to represent that party,

Further rejecting the Speaker of Parliament's abuse of Parliament to fight the MDC Alliance for insisting on Emmerson Mnangagwa's illegitimacy,

This act has taken illegitimacy to Parliament. Only an illegitimate president will preside over this kind of a circus. State institutions are being abused to destroy the opposition using and abusing the instruments of the state.

Nobody who works with the regime against the people will ever succeed. The will of the people will ever triumph.

Convinced that what is being witnessed is a war by Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF through proxies against the MDC Alliance, having not forgiven the party for defeating him in the 2018 general elections, the endgame is to totally annihilate the opposition and establish a one-party state.

Concerned that the biggest crime that the MDC Alliance and its candidate committed was to garner over two million votes in the last presidential elections, posing a serious threat to the system, is the reason for this frantic effort to destroy or eliminate the MDC Alliance.

They want the MDC Alliance to join POLAD. They want the MDC Alliance president Advocate Nelson Chamisa to accept to be the leader of the opposition in Parliament. They want the MDC Alliance to accept the stolen election outcome. They wanted the MDC Alliance MPs to recognise Emmerson Mnangagwa as the legitimate president of Zimbabwe after the stolen and disputed elections of 2018. They want the MDC Alliance to partner and not to oppose the tyrannical and authoritarian regime of Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Therefore, in this context, the National Standing Committee of the DC Alliance met yesterday in Harare and made the following resolution:

The Standing Committee noted the perverse and insidious attempt by Zanu-PF and its proxies to dismember the MDC Alliance by executing a coup against the legitimately elected leadership of the MDC Alliance under the guise of implementing the equally insidious judgement of the Supreme Court which seeks to foist Zanu-PF proxies as leaders of the MDC Alliance in brazen violation of the party's constitution.

The Standing Committee thus resolved to reject in total and with utter contempt Zanu-PF and its proxies' attempt to foist its cousins and partners as leaders of the MDC Alliance.

All MDC Alliance MPs will forthwith suspend all participation in Parliament and disengage from all platforms in which the party has to interact with Zanu-PF pending consultations with the relevant constituencies of the party, that is the electorate and Zimbabweans at large on the decision for a total withdrawal from Parliament.

The party reiterates that only the MDC Alliance has the power to lawfully recall or redeploy its members of parliament elected under its ticket. No-one else has the mandate to do so, except only the MDC Alliance.

The MDC Alliance in the meantime is engaging the National Executive Council and the National Council of the party and all other organs and the people of Zimbabwe in general on a robust programme of action to resolve the legitimacy national question which Zimbabwe has been confronted with since Emmerson Mnangagwa installed himself to be the president of this country.

The MDC Alliance will roll out a programme of action together with civil society, professional bodies, churches, labour, business, war veterans, political parties, women and youth groups.

The MDC Alliance will not accept the holding of a Zanu-PF-organised extraordinary congress in the MDC. Zanu-PF cannot write another political party's constitution and hold a congress on its behalf to impose a puppet leadership that would be malleable to Emmerson Mnangagwa as the principal leader of that political party.

The MDC Alliance has noted that Morgen Komichi, Douglas Mwonzora and Elias Mudzuri have decided to cooperate with Zanu-PF and the state. They therefore have expelled themselves from the MDC Alliance and they are forthwith relieved of their positions and membership in the party. They are further withdrawn from positions in which they had been deployed within the party. Replacements have been made and will be announced in due course.

The party resolved to take all the necessary steps to recover all the gains of the people's democratic struggle. The Supreme Court judgement has engendered an illegality by seeking to extend the expired mandate of the 2014 structures which had since expired. The term of office of all 2014 structures expired in October 2019. The toxic judgement illegally seeks to give a Lazarus moment by seeking to resurrect the expired mandate of the 2014 MDC-T structures.

The National Standing Committee took note of the Covid-19 pandemic and the dislocated livelihoods of the vulnerable and the majority of Zimbabweans who are surviving in the informal sector. The illegitimate regime of Emmerson Mnangagwa has provided no safety nets whatsoever to assist the despondent Zimbabweans. They have instead destroyed the vending stalls where the majority of Zimbabweans eke out a living through informal trading.

Pursuant to our Agenda 2020 programme of action, we put forward the five fights that we the people of Zimbabwe must pursue this year without fail as follows:

The fight for the people's government, reforms and return to legitimacy.

The fight for a better life, dignity and livelihoods.

The fight against corruption.

The fight for rights, freedoms, security of persons and rule of law.

The fight in defence of the constitution and constitutionalism.

We now call on the people of Zimbabwe to build a broad consensus and united front for all progressive citizens to address the national crisis."

At the end of his statement, Sikhala took questions from journalists including one who asked if he was not making "empty threats".
Source - Kukurigo