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'Absalom Sikhosana died a bitter man'

by Mandla Ndlovu
19 May 2020 at 13:24hrs | Views
The late ZANU PF Politiburo member Absalom Sikhosana died a disappointment man due to the developments that took place in the ruling ZANU PF party since the bloody coup that ended 37 years of President Robert Mugabe's iron rule.

The revelations were made by veteran human rights activist Rodrick Fayayo in his eulogy to the late ZANU PF former Youth Boss.

Said Fayayo, "After the coup I was coming from Harare. In the bus I sat with Absolom Sikhosana. He was coming from a Zanu Pf Congress. He was unhappy and confused. I asked him about the congress and he told me it was the worst congress he had ever attended because his region had been left out. He argued that with Mugabe, if there were problems you knew were to go. You would send a team and Mugabe would make things right. But with the new dispensation no one knew where to go."

Fayayo further revealed that Sikhosana suffered humiliation inflicted upon him by the soldiers during the November 2017 bloody coup that claimed the life of top Harare CIO Boss Peter Munetsi while Bietbridge former  top spy Albert Ngulube was bashed by soldiers to a pulp.

"For him the biggest challenge was how he was going to relay the congress resolutions and leadership to his colleagues in Bulawayo. As we passed the last tollgate to Bulawayo he told me that when the coup happened he was on his way to Harare. The soldiers made him sit by the tollgate, as they waited for instructions on what to do with him. He was indeed just a harmless and helpless fellow who will suffer more for his association than his actual deeds." Fayayo wrote.

Source - Byo24News