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Lodges closure fuels bush, car sex

by Staff reporter
23 May 2020 at 19:52hrs | Views
THE Covid-19 pandemic which has forced the temporary closure of lodges to stop the spread of the coronavirus has also pushed some randy lovebirds to brazenly use cars and bushy areas close to their suburbs as love nests, clearly in breach of the Government's guidelines for reasons to be out in public.

The frisky couples usually go to bushy areas close to their suburbs and others to cemeteries, to make love at no fee taking advantage of the restful atmosphere, tall grass and shrubs covering some parts of the graveyards.

It seems that breaking the law for a little bit of frisky behaviour isn't just confined to the bushes and cemeteries as some saucy pairs use unpopulated parking lots in the city centre where they believe they have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Investigations by B-Metro revealed that during the day some final resting places like Bulawayo's biggest cemetery, West Park are being turned into sex arenas by some motorists who are allegedly driving into them with their loved ones to allegedly have sex.

A visit to West Park Cemetery which came after some love bugs were recently caught enjoying each other among the dead, found some parts of the graveyard littered with used condoms and other materials like empty packs of sex enhancing pills.

It is reported that after being caught the two lovebirds, who claimed that they had been sunbathing in the cemetery, reportedly admitted to having a "kiss and a cuddle" but denied their antics had gone further.

A resident who spoke to B-Metro said from the start of the lockdown cars were always being spotted driving multiple times into the cemetery both during the day and night.

"Everyday motorists come here and the other day we gathered courage and approached a car which was parked in the cemetery after suspecting that the driver might have been tampering with graves. When we approached it, it was bouncing up and down and shockingly when we peeped through, we were shocked to our core when we saw two lovebirds having fun at the back seat.

"It really annoyed us that people have the nerve to have sex in a cemetery which is a very respected place," said a resident who identified himself as Dube.

A Bulawayo City Council municipal officer who preferred anonymity also confirmed that at West Park Cemetery it was common to see "dancing" cars with moans emanating from inside as lovers indulged.

"The place is busy usually during the day and those with cars simply drive straight to a spot of their choice where they will start caressing each other and do it right in their cars. And those with no cars simply walk and start having fun in the grass," said the security officer.

In other areas like Cowdray Park and Emganwini stories are also being told how nearby bushy areas have become "overwhelmed" with people in the morning and evening doing a lot more than the Government's recommended daily brisk walk or jog.
Source - bmetro

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