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Highlanders told to move with the times

by Staff reporter
08 Jun 2020 at 07:10hrs | Views
KING Lobengula's great grandson Zwide kaLanga Khumalo has advised the Highlanders leadership to move with the times in order to survive.

Khumalo recently told Television Sports Media (TSM) that while it was known that Highlanders' origins were spiritual, it did not mean the club must remain stagnant, but instead move with the times to survive.

Khumalo said Bosso's origins, which define their identity, were one thing, while its survival was another and it was therefore important that the club thinks outside the box in its hunt for resources to sustain the institution founded by Prince Albert and Prince Rhodes in 1926. Khumalo, however, said while assistance was welcome from anyone, it must not come with conditions meant to control the club.

"I am one person who believes in institutional, continuous transformation. The origins of Highlanders are spiritual, but does not necessarily mean it has to be stagnant; it needs to grow and change according to changes around it. This is a global world, this is an international world; you must have networks, social, and economic for the club to survive. Every system and every possibility for the club to survive need to be tapped into in terms of modern ways of survival so that the club can continue existing.

"It's origins, which define its identity, are one thing, it's survival is another and that requires modernity to be brought into play and we need to bring everyone for assistance. It is not colour, it is not tribe, it is not ethnicity that has to be taken into account, but all resources need to be welcomed. What we should not accept is anyone providing resources so that they can control Highlanders; I think that will be wrong," said Khumalo.

The formation of Highlanders FC is credited to the two royal grandsons born in South Africa Prince Rhodes and Prince Albert. Prince Rhodes is buried in Grahamstown, South Africa, while Prince Albert, who died in 1936, is buried in Gwatemba, Insiza district.

In November 2016, Khumalo led Highlanders to Prince Albert's grave to pay homage to their founder as part of the club's 90th-anniversary celebrations.

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