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Why fathers need to step up…Bigtime!

by Mthokozisi Dube
21 Jun 2020 at 10:02hrs | Views
Forget Mr Justice Maphosa the businessman and philanthropist.
Or that prayerful man who is always ready to give you a nugget or two regarding your spiritual uplifting and feed your soul.

Meet the philosopher.
Should you sit with him for a second or two, his insight into where the world is going and can possibly better shift to can provide the ample wisdom one may need to look into the future and ensure stronger institutions.

And one of the battlegrounds is fatherhood. A key ingredient to the wellbeing of society, but one of the key battlegrounds in which the devil has invested.

"Fatherhood is under threat. The devil knows that if our fathers play an active stronger role in society then society will be stronger. He targets our fathers and our sons so that they are not be able to build strong institutions and our society will be in perpetual failure," he says. His soul more than convinced by his word.

It is an astounding observation. You see, even in the church, for every couple of hundred women, there are but a few solid tens of men who fellowship in the same. The disparity is palpable and the result means fathers have little to no part in the spiritual birthing and nurturing of their children. Of their society.
"If people observe that the devil has put the boy child in check and made him lose focus to the detriment of society they will see that a duty needs to be done to make our men, our boys, take on their responsibilities and place in society where they are needed," he adds.

It is sobering.
The masculine creature meant to lead has been consumed by many other distracting trinkets that shine and glow in their eyes while they sell their manhood down the river.

It is a world with no men. In the functional sense. And the muscle that is supposed to defend the earth and guide the world as the physical and leading army of the world's conscience has abandoned ship. Left the base. Evacuated the post. Left the building.

And with womenfolk stepping up to the plate there is only so much they can do.

"We have to be prayerful about it and pray for our fathers to resist the onslaught of the devil," he says telling intimate tales about the challenges his own father went through in his attempt at being a good father. And how he too, as Justice Peace Maphosa has been trying to resist temptation and continue in his diligent quest to be a good father.

Indeed, as Eli got an earful from Yahweh for having let his sons misbehave before the Lord, strong fatherhood is the backbone of what makes God and indeed any other strong institution respond positively. Poor fatherhood begets perfect failure.

And in a mode that shows he is contemplating deeply. In his office deep in reflection; a place he retreats to in order to think long and hard, Maphosa has his own module on fatherhood that he has written on the tablets of his heart. A story that crosses the Limpopo from the Zimbabwean upbringing to his trials tribulations and conquests in South Africa. One that he may one day etch out onto palpable media for the whole world to read about and see. So that they too can learn a thing or two about this philosopher's thoughts on being a model father. On his arduous journey as both a son and father himself.

"It is something I pray for," says Maphosa; "strong fatherhood."

Source - Mthokozisi Dube