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'Mnangagwa moves in to deal with his successor'

by Mandla Ndlovu
22 Jun 2020 at 12:16hrs | Views
President Emmerson Mnangagwa's ZANU PF party is pushing for the amendment of the constitution to deal with the succession plan that is provided by the constitution, Constitutional law expert Professor Lovemore Madhuku says.

In a wide-ranging interview with Daily News Madhuku said, "The first (amendment) is the removal of the presidential running mate clause. The running mate clause was meant to start in 2023. The amendment will take it away, so that it will never apply. We will continue with the current system where the President hires and fires Vice Presidents at will.

"Under a running mate system, every presidential candidate nominates a vice president who is also elected with him/her. Such a vice president cannot be fired and is an automatic successor of the president in the event of death or resignation."

Madhuku said the move by Mnangagwa has nothing to do with constitutional democracy but to was meant to deal with ZANU F factionalism.

"It is nothing but the consolidation of power. All the major proposals focus on giving more power to the president. The rush stems from two agendas: to deal with internal Zanu PF power dynamics by scrapping the running mate clause and to control the Judiciary for purely partisan interests. The rush has nothing to do with deepening democracy in the country."

Talking about interacting with ZANU PF during POLAD platform, Madhuku said, "The only thing I know about Zanu PF is that it is a very difficult dialogue partner. Despite its protestations to the contrary, it has so many centres of power that you can never be sure who, at any one point, is in control.

"As soon as you agree with one group to institute reforms, you are immediately overtaken by events when another group moves in the opposite direction. We will not give up: with time we will outwit them and get much needed reforms before 2023."

Source - Byo24News/Daily News