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Kombis use fake Zupco stickers

by Staff reporter
23 Jun 2020 at 07:54hrs | Views
SOME commuter omnibuses have been operating using fake Zupco stickers to illegally transport passengers in the Midlands province but law enforcement agents have curtailed the challenge.

Only Zupco buses and kombis are authorised to carry passengers during the Covid-19 induced lockdown. Zupco is required to follow health guidelines such as sanitising and checking passengers' body temperature as well as disinfecting vehicles.

This is not being done by those that have put up the bus company's stickers to operate illegally.

Briefing Vice President Kembo Mohadi who visited the province last week, the chairperson of the Midlands lockdown implementation committee, Brigadier General Simo Maseko said thousands of people continue to break lockdown rules and regulations.

He said some people were using fake exemption letters to travel.

"We have a new problem in exemption letters, some are fake and we are working with the police to make sure the fake letters are done away with. We had that similar problem where we had fake Zupco commuter omnibuses operating in the province and we dealt with it," said Brig Gen Maseko.

Brig Gen Maseko said 4 500 people have been arrested for flouting lockdown rules and regulations in the province.

"We will continue with patrols and roadblocks to make sure that the rules and regulations of lockdown are adhered to. As security forces we remain relevant in the fight against Covid-19," he said.

"Honourable Vice President, we used to have a problem of people flocking to town to look for basic commodities like mealie meal but we decentralised that and they are getting it from their shops in high and low-density areas. We managed to limit their movement into town." Brig Gen Maseko said during the first week of each month, there was a challenge to do with people flocking into towns to get Zesa tokens. He said they managed to seek an audience with Zesa management and an agreement was reached to decentralise token selling points as a way of decongesting the city centre.

"We approached Zesa with the issue of tokens which saw people flocking into the CBD at the beginning of the month to purchase tokens. Zesa agreed to open new selling centres in Mkoba and Mtapa suburbs in Gweru and in Kwekwe they are opening two in Mbizo and Amaveni suburbs so that we don't have the problem of people congesting the CBD. They must practice social distancing in their respective areas and stay home," said Brig Gen Maseko.

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