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Zimbabwe needs a fresh start and a people's government!

by Stephen Jakes
28 Jun 2020 at 10:03hrs | Views
MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has said Zimbabwe needs a fresh start and a people's government after the Zanu PF government has successively failed to ruin the country for 40 years now.

"Zimbabwe is sinking courtesy of bad policies & bad leadership.This is leading to abject poverty & untold suffering. Just imagine the Policy inconsistency, contradictions & reversals e.g termination of the multiple currency regime in favour of the local currency and later on return back to dollarization in less than a year," he said.‬

"Replacing of a fixed exchange rate with an interbank market rate and then going back to a fixed exchange rate &a month later disbandment of the fixed exchange rate regime with an auction system points to tragic policy reversals and policy contradictions just within a few months.‬"

He said the approach in dealing with corruption is ample a demonstration of leadership ineptitude and unwillingness to tackle corruption beyond lip service. Government is carrying out the so-called "catch and release" and has totally ignored the findings of the auditor general on corruption.‬

"Poor policy implementation as evinced by the TSP having annual inflation target of 5%  and growth targets of 6.3%, 18.5% &19% in 2018,2019 and 2020,respectively being abandoned before expiry due to its dismal performance as inflation approaches 1000% with negative economic growth rates," he said. ‬

"The combined effect of bad policies and drought of leadership has resulted in the collapse of the local currency which has seen nationwide rejection of the same. Indeed all workers must be paid in hard currency..(US$). As a sign of capitulation, government is starting to pay workers in USD and businesses being asked to display prices in USD."‬

Chamisa said nNo amount of Statutory instruments, auction system or arrests will reverse the meltdown. It's a scandal that just last year pple's nostro accounts were converted into ZWL together with their cash balance and debts. In a year, the same people now have nostro accounts with zero bal in prep for payment of salaries‬

"In the process of this madness, citizens have lost pensions, savings and medical aid. Isn't unprecedented that a people can lose their pension twice in ten years?Where on earth does this happen? Not in even in hell. ‬ We are at a tipping point of the Explosion.On the back of poor policies,we see the total demise of Zim dollar and full dollarization which has seen gvt ditching its own currency," he said.‬

"We see excessive wage erosion & workers salaries now meaningless notwithstanding the latest paltry offer by Govt which can't beat the poverty datum line which is now above $8,000.This has pushed our committed workers into abject poverty and rendered them technically unemployed.‬ We note the bankruptcy amongst major companies as their cashflows are heading towards zero balance in the face of full dollarization.Companies will struggle to build new cashflow in USD their efforts to raise USD thru the pricing in USD will not build cash balances as quickly as possible."

He said there is a constrained budget and little space to pay government workers in USD mainly as a result of liquidity crunch coming on the back of low export earnings,depressed investment inflows,low diaspora earnings caused by COVID -19 and absence of lines of credit due to high debt overhang.‬

"There is a liquidity crunch, coupled with food insecurity, high unemployment, high incapacitation across – people, workers, Government, businesses, etc and absence of external support, the economy is heading for total collapse.‬ In the absence of sound stimulus package which must be in the region of US$5 billion coupled with the freefall in our local currency at a time when foreign currency receipts are anticipated to fall by US$3 billion, there is no doubt that the economy will fail to perform," he said.‬

"In the absence of sound stimulus package which must be in the region of US$5 billion coupled with the freefall in our local currency at a time when foreign currency receipts are anticipated to fall by US$3 billion, there is no doubt that the economy will fail to perform.‬ Going forward, as we alluded to in our independence speech, 40 is a sacred number – life begins at 40, the children of Israel took 40 years to cross into Canaan and Jesus Christ spent 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness. Zimbabwe turned 40 this year!Hope is our portion!‬"

Chamisa said earlier in the year, they highlighted the 5 BIG fights for 2020.

"We were spot on. We anticipated the following fights ; a) A fight for a people's government (legitimacy ) b) a fight for livelihoods (inc salaries in US)c) a fight for rights and freedoms d) a fight against corruption e) a fight for constitutionalism (Constitutional alignment not amendment). Let us prep for the new independence as we claim back all that was stolen and demand a a people's government through citizens' peaceful protests per section 59 of the constitution.People of Zimbabwe deserve a  legitimate capable state. Change we demand! None but ourselves!#Godisinit," he said.

Source - Byo24News

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