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FUNDRAISER: Mpopoma woman's backside rotting

by Mandla Ndlovu
30 Jun 2020 at 15:06hrs | Views
Veteran broadcaster Ezra Tshisa Sibanda has launched an online fundraising initiative for one Mirriam Mungami who has developed a rotting wound at her backside.

According to Sibanda, Mungami was discouraged from seeking medical attention at the earliest by the church leading to the wound becoming worse.

 Read the explanation from Sibanda below:

Mirriam Mungami of Mpopoma Surbub, Bulawayo is battling for life with a serious wound at her back side which needs urgent treatment. Because of her religion, she was discouraged from seeking medical attention at the earliest by the church till it got worse. She believed her church leaders and trusted she would be healed by prayers only. When her condition deteriorated she was left alone at home with no help. She has no one to nurse her and she is struggling to do anything.

She can't walk or sit but spends her time sleeping face down. She is in deep pain and could die if she receives no treatment. Hospitals, Doctors and specialists want money upfront to attend to her. The poor woman has no source of income nor relatives who can assist her.

She relies on good samaritans to get clothing, food and needs assistance with self care. We are members of human race and we cant watch and ignore a fellow human being dying alone in pain. I am appealing to you all good hearted people all over the world to help take this woman to hospital and get her operated. You have been so kind before, please lets assist Mirriam!

Source - Byo24News