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ZiNA seeks army, police, judiciary protection during July 31 protests

by Stephen Jakes
12 Jul 2020 at 09:04hrs | Views
The new pressure group called Zimbabwe National Anthem has petitioned the state institutions which include the army, the police and the judiciary to protect citizens from the power-hungry political leaders during the July 31 protests.

In a petition directed to the Army General Phillip Valerio Sibanda, the Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga and Chief Justice Malaba ZiNA said it is their sincere hope that they will find the contents valuable and above all patriotic.

"It is because of the faith that we as ZiNA [Zimbabwe National Anthem group] have in your highly esteemed institutions that we felt confident to direct this message to yourselves. Zimbabweans took pride in your professional guidance when in November 2017 your institutions supported the citizens of The Republic of Zimbabwe in exercising their democratic and constitutional rights in revolting against the rule of autocracy, demagoguery and dictatorship by the late CDE RG MUGABE," ZiNA said.

"This time again the citizens are appealing to you for the same as they have lost faith in the current regime. Most of our concerns, just like the previous government, is that we want to target criminals in government who have captured state institutions and have destroyed the economy to the dustbins of history."

The organisation said the Finance Minister himself is on record to say that he is not a magician.

"That proves that the economy is certified DEAD. The Reserve Bank Governor has also blamed demons for the economic woes in our country showing that he is also clueless of his responsibilities as a financial expert. CDE SK MOYO also accuses unknown enemies of the state for sabotaging the economy. On the other hand our Vice President CDE Kembo Mohadi blames the Smith government for not teaching the new black government how to run the economy," ZiNA said.

"With this kind of leadership, yours and the country's future is doomed. Out of all these years of service, would you want to retire a pauper without a pension? What would be the future of your children and grandchildren? What legacy would you leave for your hard work from the liberation struggle until today?"

"Your country needs you now than ever before. This is nothing to do with partisan politics nor is it a reverse of gains of independence. This is a restoration of our dignity as a nation."

ZiNA said this is a restoration of our pride as an educated and intelligent people.

"This is a restoration of our hope in the future of our country. We can challenge the global village and restore Zimbabwe as the best place for investment, tourism and growth! We therefore request that your institutions once again support the masses of Zimbabwe to exercise their democratic and constitutional right as they march in unison and rejecting the state of affairs in our country," it said.

"Let us all sing the National Anthem in jubilation of a new Zimbabwe.On the 31st of July 2020 our masses will be taking to the streets. The mandate lies in the people. Down with corruption and despotism."

Source - Byo24News

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