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Idiocy that has a tragic price: Sikhala

by Stephen Jakes
13 Jul 2020 at 07:41hrs | Views
MDC Alliance National Vice Chairman Job Wiwa Sikhala has said state security agents visited his home at high and he wonders what was their motive as they always see him in court where they should easily deal with him is they think he is a criminal case.

"So they came to my house last night at 2am asking for me?  What kind of arrest is that when I spend most of my time at police stations as a lawyer representing different clients. For the record, for the past two weeks I was at the Law and Order representing different people who were facing different political charges," Sikhalsa said.

"I went with Brian Rupiya who was facing a concocted charge of having attacked a Zanu PF District Chairman in Hopley and robbed him after a quarrel at some beer spots in the area. I then went there to represent Stephen Chuma Sarkozy few days down the line. The following week I went to represent Sox from Chitungwiza North who was facing charges of dissing murder threats to Yvonne Musarurwa. I again went to represent Prince Matebuka who was accused of partaking in a demonstration in Mabvuku."

He said so he wonders whether these were police officers from CID Law and Order.

"If they had any criminal charges against me, why would they allow me to be carrying my job at their offices and then start to hunt for me at night? These should be nefarious elements in the system who have been doing a hatchet job for the Emmerson Mnangagwa for sometime now who get the command directly from him to commit crimes against humanity," he said.

"I am a lawyer by profession. I am well acquainted with how suspects should be brought to a police station to answer to some charges against that person. Arrests effected at night can only be done in societies of idiots. I am a telephone away from asking me to report to any police station if I have got any criminal charges to answer. Invading our homes at night will lead us to commit offences we never intended to commit for the rest of our lives."

He said he is a free citizen in his country and emphasized that this is his country too.

"I will never accept to be treated like someone who should not enjoy rights bestowed to every Zimbabwean. Yesterday, I was in Parliament. I wonder why they couldn't wait for me outside Parliament and arrest me. Continue visiting my home at night and don't blame me for the consequences," he said.

"Hope you get it correct. Stop these funnies."

Source - Byo24News