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Full list of Pastors who owe RBZ Farm Mechanisation Scheme funds

by Mandla Ndlovu
18 Jul 2020 at 10:35hrs | Views
Human Rights Activist and Blogger Alex Magaisa has published an exclusive list of beneficiaries of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Farm Mechanisation Programme who have not paid back the money they received.

The purpose was to enhance productivity on the farms through mechanisation.

Among the list of the beneficiaries are highly revered members of the Zimbabwean clergy.

The following is the list of published by Magaisa:

Archbishop Ezekiel Guti who is listed as owing US$116,693.00;

Nolbert Kunonga who was very popular with the Mugabe regime at the time of the Farm Mechanisation Scheme was awarded a loan of US$98,661.00.

There is also an Agatha Kunonga who is listed as having received US$58,318.00.

Rutendo Wutawunashe is listed as owing US$18,200.00.

Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi was the biggest beneficiary among members of the clergy, with two loans of US$271,000.00 and US$315,600.00 for a grand total of US$586,600.00.

According to Magaisa none of these men and women of the cloth repaid their loans.

Commenting on the full list, which includes serving and retired government officials, former Minister Kasukuwere said, "Very interesting. These schemes were ill-thought and these quasi-fiscal operations should be stopped. Give farmers title deeds, banks should have Agribusiness divisions and stop these freebies. It's going to get worse and the rot is massive. Sit back and relax.

"The schemes were designed in very corrupt ways and there was no transparency in the acquisition of the equipment. The RBZ, to be honest, has been at the centre of corruption. I and Patrick Zhuwao opposed this scheme and we protested against it. VP Chiwenga knows it."

Source - Byo24News