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Full list of Army and CIO bosses who benefitted from the Farm Mechanization scandal

by Mandla Ndlovu
25 Jul 2020 at 17:12hrs | Views
Political Analyst Alex Magaisa has published a list of Army, police and dreaded Central intelligence officers who benefited from the controversial RBZ Farm Mechanisation Scheme.

Magaisa said his revelations were likely to cause some tension considering what some senior generals got compared to their peers and indeed, compared to the politicians.

Read the list below:

Current Vice President and former Commander of the Defence Forces, Rtd. General Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga is listed as having got equipment worth US$395,018.00.

His successor General Phillip Valerio Sibanda got US$111,584.00.

The current army boss, Lt. General Edzai Chimonyo is punching in the lower divisions at US$92,577.00.

Former military boss, the late General Vitalis Zvinavashe is listed at US$85,350.00

Police boss Commissioner General Godwin T. Matanga is listed at US$365,839.00.

His predecessor Rtd. Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri's loan was worth US$299,697.00,

Police Commissioner Oliver Chibage is listed as having received a loan worth US$151,933.00.

Former Air Force boss and current Agriculture Minister Rtd. Air Marshal Perrence Shiri is stated as having received machinery and equipment worth US$417,547.00

Former Prisons boss Commissioner-General Paradzai Zimondi had a loan of US$379,980.00.
Military spokesperson Overson Mugwisi received US$50,677.00

Former Ministry of Health  Permanent Secretary, Rtd. Major General Dr. Gerald got US$73,699.00.
Rtd. Lt. General Engelbert Rugeje got two separate loans totalling US$88,487.00

Former intelligence boss Aaron Nhepera is listed at US$333,869.00.

Former Spy boss Happyton Bonyongwe got US$422,459.00

The late spy boss Mernard Muzariri got US$391,070.00.
However, a senior cop in the notorious Law and Order section, Crispen Makedenge was among the lowest at just US$11,400.00 worth of equipment and machinery. He will be d

Source - Big Saturday Read