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People emulate leaders behaviour, rotten leaders stir rot in all the nation: APA

by Stephen Jakes
30 Jul 2020 at 08:43hrs | Views
Alliance for People's Agenda (APA) has warned that people follow and emulate their leaders adding that rotten leaders bring the rot to the entire nation.

The party said when in 1980 Mugabe made his national reconciliation plea no white person was harmed.

"When in about 1983 he equated Joshua Nkomo  to a dissident and called ZAPU a dissidend party and vouched to crush the head of the snake Gukurahundi happened. In the early 2000s he promised at the height of the land reform to strike fear in the heart of the white man. War veterans sensed blood and a number of white farmers were murdered in cold blood," said APA.

"When in Humanikwa Village youths aligned to Nelson Chamisa cornered Thokozani Khupe and Douglas Mwonzora and threatened to burn them in a hut, Mukoyi was promptly dispatched by Nelson to stop the fracus. We have all probably seen the video as the youth accept Cde Wamba's instruction without question and the shaken leaders released without further ado."

"Leaders set the pace. Supporters follow. Whenever we see rampant corruption in a country, any country, we must know that the rot starts right at the top. The looting  we see in Zimbabwe is because the national executive is turning a blind eye to it. They're complicit, directly and indirectly benefiting through proxies," said APA.

"When Singapore decided to put a stop to corruption they did. When Zimbabweans decide to put a stop to corruption they will; by electing leaders who will not tolerate corruption, let alone lead in looting the nation. When you hear elected representatives boast of their million US dollar benefits at taxpayers' expense now then the people have yet to appreciate the power of their vote."

The party said the rot in Central and local governments in Zimbabwe is testament to the leadership in both responsible parties turning a blind eye to the rot.

"None of the leaders have voluntarily done anything about well publicised cases of corruption by those they supervise. None of the leaders have done anything about miserable service delivery under their watch. Zimbabwe has no Minister of Health, no Permanent Secretary, most hospitals have no substantive CEOs, NATPHARM is leader less with some board members arrested just yesterday. So who is the expert leader managing the COVID-19 pandemic?" said the party.

"All cities across Zimbabwe have no safe water for drinking despite all having Executive Mayor's and Town Clerks who are handsomely remunerated. Yearly pep die of diseases like cholera and typhoid. Not a single city water and sanitation executive has ever been fired for failure to deliver water and endangering public health. The entire urban primary health care system is broken."

"When will Zimbabweans get tired of this raw deal? Could it be because we are all inherently corrupt too? Are we waiting with bated breath for the few months before the election in 2023 when one or other of the parties' principals will announce a waiver of all payments for services offered by these bodies since the last election ?"

Source - Byo24News