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Mnangagwa's Rhodesian-style terror tactics condemned

by Mandla Ndlovu
04 Aug 2020 at 15:35hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe Communist Party has condemned President Emmerson Mnangagwa way of dealing with activists and journalists in the country labeling it a Rhodesian terror tactic style.

The General Secretary of the party Ngqabutho Nicholas Mabhena addressed a virtual press conference on Tuesday which was attended by journalists from South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Read an extract from his speech below:

The ZCP condemns the Rhodesian-style arrest of journalists, political activists and trade union leaders. Political activists, trade union leaders are been picked up or their homes are been visited at night post 31st July. This must come to an end.

On the eve of our independence, the late Edson Zvogbo maintained that under a black government, citizens would no longer need to vacate their homes in fear of night-time police raids. 40 years later that is just what we are experiencing.   

Not only is the regime employing Rhodesian tactics against citizens, it is seeking to be welcomed back in the imperialist fold.

ZANU was founded in 1963 as an imperialist project organised to divide the liberation movement. As we know, the division was successful and in 1980, the senior US diplomat, Andrew Young, was able to boast, "The victory of Robert Mugabe is a victory for western diplomacy."

When President Emmerson Mnangagwa took over from Mugabe in November 2017, he immediately sought to take back Zimbabwe to the imperialist fold. The British Minister of State for Africa spent 4 days in Harare during the course of the coup. Mnangagwa applied for readmission to the Commonwealth, a neo-colonial formation bringing together former British colonies for the purposes of enabling British monopoly capital to continue looting.

The signing of this agreement is a betrayal of the many sons and daughters of the soil who paid the ultimate price for our independence. The dubious former liberation movement has now become the stooge of imperialist forces. Our struggle is against both imperialism and looters. It seems that ZANU(PF) is now competing with MDC Alliance as to which organisation can grovel most to imperialism, while the MDC Alliance is now competing with ZANU(PF), at least at local authority level, as to which party is better at looting. That there is little ideological or practical policy difference between the two parties was demonstrated by the amazingly similar neo-liberal election manifestos presented to the public at the time of the 2018 elections.

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