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Cancel African public debts, ethics committees of African scientists must be formed

by Stephen Jakes
11 Aug 2020 at 07:19hrs | Views
The  International Coalition Against the Coronavirus (ICAC) Africa has demanded the cancellation of African public debts and establishment of the ethics committees of African scientists before any vaccine is deployed to Africa.

The organisation made the demand in  Communique number 17: Africa Report  for effective exit from the Covid-19 crisis signed by the Togo based ICAC President Toure Moussa Zeguen  dated August 10.

"Since the start of the Covid19 pandemic crisis, the ICAC , the International Coalition Against the Coronavirus and other pandemics for the African Development, has hoped that the WHO, and the governments in place in Europe, America and in Africa have a policy of openness and collaboration towards the populations, especially African civil society organizations, in order to adopt global strategies to eradicate this crisis with multiple consequences," reads the communique.

"The ICAC-AD had to challenge, still unsuccessfully, the African Union, the United Nations and the WHO on the need to review all the initiatives already taken within a framework of inclusive consultation both at the global and continental level or even under regional. The distancing, containment and border closure measures adopted by our states, taken in haste, as a result of an underground unilateral word imposed on all governments of the world, have obviously had mixed and even questionable effects with an equally dubious effectiveness."

"We are officially at just over 600,000 dead victims of covid19 around the world, the largest number of which are in America and Europe. Thousands of businesses are closed all over the world, putting millions of workers out of work when all this should have been done otherwise with a little more consultation and respect for the fundamental rights of women and men, of our lives."

The ICAC  reminded all international and African institutions that the economic, social, humanitarian and security consequences of covid19 are greater than they should be due to the diagnosis, treatment and inadequate preventive policies taken, otherwise imposed on our countries without any form of real consultation.

"The populations who are victims of inappropriate measures continue to suffer the disastrous and hazardous consequences imposed by the United Nations, the WHO, the African Union, all of which have become funds manipulated by private interests who do not care much about the points of view of our populations so much in Africa than in Europe or America. This is to demonstrate to us the dictatorship of multinationals and the ultra-liberal minority which dominates this world without counter-power through the pharmaceutical industries, banks and NICTs which control world governance without limit," reads the communique.

"This is why the ICAC-AD proposes as a solution to get out of this crisis the following essential measures in order to restore hope for a real economic and social recovery, guaranteeing sustainable if not integral development in Africa and throughout the world. The ICAC demands the outright cancellation of the external public debt of African countries, contrary to the moratoriums or deferrals of payment proposed by the European Union due to the seriousness, still inestimable, of the hazardous confinements imposed on our countries."

The ICAC also demanded an emergency summit of the African Union in order to adopt adequate sovereign and emergency saving measures in order to eradicate this pandemic in Africa and everywhere in the world.

"The ICAC-AD calls on African civil society and all organizations of experts in traditional and modern medicine to a Pan-African summit in order to identify all the emergency measures and orientations of the fight for our survival as sovereign peoples and responsible in self-defense. The ICAC opposes a categorical rejection of any vaccine or trial project in Africa as long as the African states and the African Union, in consultation with the continent's experts and African civil society have not yet studied the question, crucial of the national and continental ethics committees, responsible for studying the toxicity and efficacy of future vaccines because we doubt the intentions of the pharmaceutical industries which are mainly oriented only towards their own financial interests and not by charitable intentions," reads the communique.

"The haste with which these pharmaceutical companies have already found in less than a year, where it took 5.7, or even 10 years previously to develop vaccines shows us the dangerousness of the initiatives underway throughout the world. The ICAC invites the African populations and our Diaspora community and international organizations to get to work and move towards food, medical and security self-sufficiency from now on because GMOs, seeds, chemical fertilizers and other pesticides are sometimes prohibited and under examination, in many parts of the world, which continue to be used at home in Africa are harmful sources of contaminations, diseases and killings now in our countries."

The ICAC invited the African populations to produce without delay what we consume and to consume exclusively what we produce in Africa. Everyone should have their own field with local organic seeds.

"The ICAC invites African governments to decongest prisons on a massive scale by freeing the majority of precarious, vulnerable or long-held prison populations without a court ruling. The ICAC invites the African populations (Women, young people, workers and unemployed, peasants, etc.) to general mobilization and consultation with local and sub-regional national authorities in a constant manner in order to maintain a dialogue and inclusive daily participation in the daily management of the many consequences of this pandemic not yet under control," reads the communique.

"People must have autonomous means to take charge in an autonomous way in all circumstances and in all places if we show will and responsibility. In view of the particular situation of each country and region of the world, the ICAC wishes to share with all the volunteers, activists, various organizations, information and experiences on covid19 and other worrying pandemics in order to respond more effectively," reads the communique.

"The ICAC invites all African and international organizations of African and international civil society to share with us their various proposals and suggestions in order to improve the quality of our services, our collective and individual reactions through permanent awareness in urban areas and rural communities on the barrier measures and other policies adopted. The organization of our African Summit being scheduled for early September 2020, we invite everyone to be ready for the details that we will communicate in the coming days by a press release."

The ICAC said nothing should be the same as before the covid19 crisis and the survival of peoples will now depend mainly on the peoples themselves and their responsible leaders.

"This is why the CICC encourages the Malagasy authorities who found COVID Organic, to continue their research and encourage other African countries to popularize our research and local finds for the survival and well-being of our populations. Together, let's kill COVID19 for the final liberation of our continent of Africa and of the human race," reads the communique.

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