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Doctors' strike a national disaster

by Jacob Mafume
13 Mar 2019 at 21:08hrs | Views
The strike of specialist doctors' at Parirenyatwa Hospital is an indictment on the failed military government.

It is a high level manifestation of a Nation in crisis. Mnangagwa and his cabal must humble themselves and accept failure.

They must apologise for failing the Zimbabwean people and concede to the convening of urgent dialogue.

Zimbabweans cannot continue to lose lives unnecessarily, the statement released by the doctors makes this point.

They state that lives are being lost while doctors watch because there are no consumables required to do the work.

That emergency cases are now taking longer than normal while patients have to source consumables on their own.

Doctors have also said they would be attending to emergencies only while resources reserved for these situations will last just a month.

This is a national disaster, it cannot be business as usual.

The military government has been committing a soft genocide - loved ones have been lost.

The MDC calls for urgent measures to combat avoidable deaths.

Only dialogue can resolve these issues.

The People's President, Adv Nelson Chamisa has already availed himself to deal with the challenges bedeviling our country.

MDC: Defining a New Course for Zimbabwe.

Jacob Mafume
MDC National Spokesperson

Source - Jacob Mafume