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Call To Investigate Ingwebu Breweries

by MRP
11 Jun 2019 at 12:12hrs | Views
Mthwazi Republic Party is concerned with the rumours of corruption and the abuse of workers and corporate governance at Ingwebu Breweries in Bulawayo.  We call upon the City authorities to swiftly  institute an investigation into the matter.

It is alleged that the corruption at Ingwebu Breweries has become a management culture. The Managing Director, Mr Dumisani Mhlanga is said to be working in cahoots with his name sake Mr Dumisani Moyo, the head of HR in rolling out corrupt tendencies. Amongst a plethora of allegations of corruption, is Dumisani Moyo's employment practices of demanding money from job seekers whose interviews are held on Sundays. Moyo is also accused of his preference to employing people from outside of Bulawayo and Matebeleland regions.

The levels of corruption are said to be so high that it has now become a corporate traditional at Ingwebu Breweries. One, Privilage Moyo is accused of depriving drivers of their monies. The Sales and Distribution manager, Mr Mabuya is accused of corruptly employing sales reps without drivers' licences.

In a country where the Labour systems have collapsed, workers are at the mercy of management bullies who are driven by their appetite for corruption. Many men and women have clandestinely lost their livelihood at Ingwebu Breweries, especially those in the security department. We encourage all the victims of this atrocious act by Ingwebu Breweries management to come forward and register their complaints. We pledge to stand and fight with you.

We also challenge the City and all relevant authorities to investigate the awarding of the current security tender at Ingwebu, which is rumoured to have been corruptly done. Ingwebu used to employ its own security personnel, but the new set up has caused the firing of 84 Ndebele speaking security guards and replacing them with Shona speaking ones.

We are currently in possession of CCTV footage, where the MD Dumisani Mhlanga, in the company of his management staff, is seen taking money from the cash office and bribing a ZANU PF member to stop him from standing for the rights of the vulnerable workers.

Ingwebu was once a pride of Bulawayo, but today it is in a sorry state. Competitors from outside Bulawayo have managed to penetrate and wrestle away part of the makert stake that used to be enjoyed by Ingwebu, thanks to the incompetent and corrupt leadership.

We demand a thorough investigation into the conduct of the current Ingwebu Breweries, with immediate effect.

Sisonke Sibambene Singu Mthwakazi Sizokulungisa

MRP Information and Publicity Department

Source - MRP Information and Publicity Department