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FULL TEXT: Phelekezela Mphoko speaks on corruption charges against him

by Phelekezela Mphoko
19 Aug 2019 at 14:19hrs | Views
The Presidency is an Institution. Ours was comprised of President Robert Mugabe, Vice-President Mnangagwa and Vice-President Mphoko.

Citizens came to the Presidency for assistance on various national and personal issues.

Vice-President Mnangagwa was tasked to look into the resuscitation of the ZISCO Steel Mining and exporting Raw Crome, Command Agriculture, and to resolve the Harare ZANU PF Province, where Gomwe had been arrested. VP Mnangagwa's intervention got Gomwe released from his arrest.

In the meanwhile, I was charged amongst other issues to resolve, the Maleme farm issue, the killings in Kwekwe over gold claims, and the Moses Juma's case.

As I have alluded, Juma had appeared in court three times and every one of the three times the court had dismissed the case but he was forced to be remanded against the court order. That was then the Presidency had to intervene as in the case of Gomwe.

I am now being persecuted as if I did all these operations in my own individual capacity.

I am not corrupt, I did not take any money from anybody, and I am not thief.

All I know is I'm being persecuted as if I acted as an individual when I has acted as part of the Presidency.

God is my defense.

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Source - Phelekezela Mphoko