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MDC postpones 20th Anniversary Celebrations

by MDC
10 Sep 2019 at 14:38hrs | Views
The MDC was due to hold its 20th Anniversary on Saturday at Rufaro Stadium, Harare, as the day for the National Memorial Service for the
late President Robert Mugabe.

As MDC, being a Pan-Africanist and social democratic party, consistent with our values of ubuntu, solidarity and empathy we have decided
to postpone our 20th Anniversary Celebrations to the  28th September 2019 so as to allow  the funeral proceedings and events not to compete
with our Anniversary celebrations.  This is in line with our values of ubuntu, solidarity and empathetic leadership.

We had our differences, which are well documented and recorded, with the late President Mugabe, but this is not the time to rehash those
differences.  This is the time to join the former President's relatives and friends in mourning.

In order to give peace a chance and allow for nation building in the context of tolerance and human dignity, we continue to deploy our might
and main to things that unite us than those that may divide us.

The MDC does not make profit out of tragedies. For that reason, the party would not use Mugabe's death to score political points. We have
sufficient avenues and platforms to address the huge challenges facing the motherland outside funerals.

As a Pan Africanist and Social Democratic Party, we don't take our differences with our political adversaries to the grave. Hurt and hatred is
not part of our agenda.

The passing on of former President Mugabe should remind leaders of today, tomorrow and the future on how we must treat each other as
Zimbabweans. The position we take today is not to wish away issues of transitional justice to do with past injustice but to exhibit that as
the MDC our role is to heal, unite and bring freedom and justice to every Zimbabwean.
To all Zimbabweans, this is an opportunity to reflect on values of nation building, national healing, democracy, tolerance, justice, equality,
freedom and solidarity that are central to our democratic struggle.

Let us take this moment to build upon the positives of the past and negate its negatives to build a better nation and a better future. We must
correct past mistakes and right the wrongs. We must learn from the omissions and commissions of the past.

Thank You
God Bless You
God Bless Zimbabwe

Source - MDC