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ZANU won't laugh last still- MLF

by MLF
18 Nov 2019 at 09:20hrs | Views
The removing of chief Nhlanhla Ndiweni from the Nhlambabaloyi chieftaincy does not   do ZANU any good than bad. The move exposes not only how much ZANU fidgets on Mthwakazi cultural matters but how much it is determined to see chief Ndiweni dead. In his time as Chief, Nhlanhla Ndiweni served Mthwakazi with his breath and soul, refusing the illegal occupation of Ntabazinduna by the Shona settlers.

Seeing that he is serving none of its interests, ZANU has decided to recall him from the post. It must be noted ZANU installed Nhlanhla ahead of Jarom knowing how the chieftaincy should be resumed. Courts were engaged and all under the influence of it (ZANU) they ruled in favour of Nhlanhla. Not even the advice of the custodian of the chieftaincy of Nhlambabaloyi, the Elder Thokoza Manyathela was given attention to because ZANU thought in Nhlanhla, it had found its helper who would help suffocate Mthwakazi to the dead end. Much to its disgust, Ndiweni had taken an oath that he would serve Mthwakazi people and not the interests of ZANU. He was forceful behind the installation of the Mthwakazi King which pitted him more with it.

It can be seen as if justice has finally prevailed for Jarom Ndiweni, the eldest of Chief Khayisa Ndiweni'sons but we bet Zanu won't laugh last still. It must be further noted that Jarom was overlooked by it (ZANU) because he had spent many years of his life in the United Kingdom which raised so much fears that he would not buy into ZANU's ways of suppressing people and furthermore he was married to a white lady, the race that ZANU had after the Ndebele people, identified as its enemy.

Now that ZANU says it is determined to do the things correctly, we are all ears to hear what ZANU will give as an excuse for initially locking him out of the chieftaincy. We are all eyes to see if it will still lock him out and ordain another of the Ndiweni' sons, or it will install him and succeed in manipulating a man independent enough to feed and buy himself a luxury car, like that Binga chief who is solely dependant on it for day to day meals.

Source - MLF