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Escalated onslaught on ZAPU and Joshua Nkomo legacies

by Iphithule Maphosa
13 May 2020 at 07:05hrs | Views
ZAPU notes the escalated attack on the legacy of both its founding president and liberation struggle with totally new and nonsensical narratives coming out forty years after the war and twenty one years after the death of President Nkomo.

The onslaught is a clearly calculated and well synchronized operation by an attention seeking brigade of failed individuals in different lines of duty, whose only agenda now is to divide the people to suit selfish and individualistic agendas. Joshua Nkomo and ZAPU's legacy is only attacked by nonentities of no identity who are mainly faceless and namelss shadows, employed by those who suffer dwarfism under the rich legacy of both Nkomo and the mother party.

These, as has been proven by the mother party, are Zanu PF ideological surrogates and concubines who do not have a locus standi on issues surrounding our liberation, development and the narratives thereto, people who must never lecture us on and about our liberators.  They sing for their daily bread, have never stood for anything save for their fat stomachs.

Many such useless characters in our society have been loud in their vicious attack recently of ZAPU, its leaders and all the mother party stood for and continue to stand for.

Examples are Obert Mpofu who belaboured to write a heap of rubbish for publication in the Sunday News, where ZAPU was denied right of reply. Next was a young man, who clearly was reading from a prepared script, questioned why and how ZAPU leaders stayed in low density surbubs after independence, casting aspersions about non existant and never reported financial mismanagement. Today it is the purported General Nandinandi, whose activities are not synonimous with building and developing a people,  disecreting the legacy of Nkomo leadership during the difficult episodes from ZAPU formation, the war of liberation and Gukurahundi.

While the mother party will not waste time delving into individual characters attacking it, or educating them on the correct narrative, which they already know by the way,  we assure the nation and world at large that all this is nothing but an end result of mental masturbation by those we observe are in an orgy of discrediting ZAPU and Joshua Nkomo's legacy. One thing is common for these and others fighting the legacy of those who liberated this country: they are all enablers of the Zanu PF regime. Their daily meals depend on how much vitriol they spew against their own and anything and everything ZAPU.

We assure them they are not the first amongst those who tried. The greatest dictator of our time Robert Mugabe, being enabled by the likes of Emerson Mnangagwa and Enos Nkala, spent his entire political life in the shadow of Joshua Nkomo's legacy which a lot of failed individuals are trying to find relevance from. Mugabe and his legion of mercenaries failed before and todays recruits will also fail.
Our liberators we know well. Our detractors we know better.

Joshua Nkomo, who died two decades ago is not here to respond to accusations being leveled against him at the political midgets' convenience. Behind him is a rich legacy of a man who fought and won against an oppressive regime, helped creating an environment where we could further and complete the struggle for freedom, equality, justice, fairness  and development. Having failed to pick up the spear he left, the politically bankrupt are barking at his grave through the incoherent instructions of oppressive handlers in Zanu PF.

Iphithule Maphosa
ZAPU National Secretary of Information Publicity and Marketing
Source - Iphithule Maphosa

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