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Contacts-gate exposes Zanu-PF, ZEC conflation

by Jacob Mafume
12 Jul 2018 at 10:12hrs | Views
The leaking of voter information including contact details is a manifestation of an electoral commission colluding with one political player with view to produce a predetermined outcome.

We view this development as a direct assault on the confidence of the Zimbabwean people in the electoral process, the integrity of the election and the hopes of a better future for our nation.  

The irony is that ZEC in the first instance denied other political parties a complete voter's roll with biometric features citing privacy concerns and even going to the extent of making reference to sought legal advice.

It boggles the mind how the same institution so conscious about privacy then releases information provided by voters in good faith.

Zimbabweans have the right to ask questions and what they get is three different responses from commissioners of the same electoral body.

Firstly the idea that political parties did their own research, secondly the lie around network providers selling their databases which the service providers have since rebutted and lastly the possibility of a leak which might be investigated.

We find this confusion deliberate and the conduct of ZEC to be cynical, contemptuous and disrespectful.

It is clear to us that ZEC is responsible for the sharing of this data which they only possess since ,contacts of the electorate remained  in their sole custody, they must be held accountable and the commissioners must simply resign, put differently there must me an overhaul of the whole commission.

ZEC has proved to be an extension of ZANUPF , they are conflated, compromised and incapable of playing an impartial role therefore cannot be entrusted with running a free, fair and credible election.

They have failed to treat political players fairly and are deliberately violating Zimbabweans' right to a credible election.

ZEC has also violated the law, an investigation must commence forthwith those who violated the people's right to privacy must be charged.

Unauthorized use of personal information is a crime, citizens must be protected from unsolicited adverts and ZEC must also account for giving third parties contacts of the electorate.

We in the MDC Alliance call upon all Zimbabweans to join the electoral reforms demonstration set for tomorrow in demand of the following:

The urgent release of a complete Biometric Voter's Roll with biometric features.

Transparency around the remaining stages of the electoral process.

Running of the election by an impartial body manned by professional individuals who will respect the spirit and letter of our constitution and electoral laws.

A fresh and transparent start to the issue of ballot papers including procurement, printing and an observation role for all stakeholders.
An independent forensic audit of the contacts-gate scandal.

An observer roll for all stakeholders around activities of the logistics committee.

A correction of all anomalies in the voters roll including the existence of more than 400 voters registered from the same address.

Equal access to public media by political players.

These demands if not addressed will compromise the integrity of the election including the possibility of an undisputed outcome.

This election is important , it is the sole path and foundation out the status quo of straddling from one crisis to another.

Together Another Zimbabwe is Possible

Jacob Mafume
PDP Spokesperson, MDC Alliance information committee

Source - Jacob Mafume