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Kites For Peace, A ray of light in Zimbabwe

by Agencies
04 Oct 2019 at 12:21hrs | Views
This past Sunday the 29th of September 2019, 1986 people gathered at the Harare Botanical Gardens to fly Kites for Peace. This was in celebration of the UN International Day of Peace. It was a day where people flew kites and participated in other recreational activities in the hope of "recreating" their lives with elements of joy, peace and light. They flew kites, met amazing people from all walks of life, learnt about and supported good causes in their communities,  they spent time with their loved ones,  they were entertained by amazing local talent, they feasted, they were joyful, happy and found their peace through joyful activity. This was a beautiful day that we all hope will inspire more days of joy and peace in our beautiful country. Zimbabwe could really do with more days like this where everyone gets together in perfect harmony on a great day and foster friendship, unity and celebrate Peace and being Zimbabwean by simply flying Kites.

Congratulations to the team that put such an event together and helped Zimbabwe commemorate the world day of Peace. A special mention should go to Suraiya and Saeed Essof the driving force behind the day who organised a fantastic well attended event with so many kites and a positive spirit of patriotism shared by all that attended.  Suraiya said, "Kites for peace is a movement for inner peace, community engagement and social change. We fly kites and encourage recreational activities to create a space for mental reprieve and to reach all sectors of community. Recreation is life! It's what we work for beyond mere survival. Sunday was outstanding and we are grateful that the public sees this event as a great family day out that they love participating in.  Sunday's event was phenomenal, people played! and if you listened to the vibe you could hear laughter, children squealing with delight and happy chatter. People were joyful and relaxed. The charities there were inspiring as they give hope, they show that despite troubled times there is still always a way to connect and to help others.  This day hopes to inspire people to seek joy more often, to visit the beautiful outdoor spaces we have available and to enjoy the weather."

They will also be doing a series of Kites For Peace Events during the much anticipated Zim Thrive initiative in April of 2020 which is a Diasporan homecoming extravaganza with events throughout that month and will make announcements in due course. We hope you can join them and fly your kite for peace.

You can check out their website to find out more about the movement

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Source - Agencies