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There shall be no anti-sanctions demonstration in Mthwakazi - MLF

by MLF
24 Oct 2019 at 18:15hrs | Views
We hope all those who have always doubted us over that SADC is a brain child of Robert Mugabe and ZANU has now sobered up to realise how much true we have been. SADC is only an apparatus designed to safeguard the interests of ZANU and its ruling elite at the expense of the ordinary citizens of the so called Zimbabwe. Up until this day, SADC has never said a word about the massacres of over 80 000 Mthwakazi people in cold blood, by its creator ZANU but here they are today calling for the Zimbabwe anti -sanctions demonstration. The sanctions that have nothing to do with poor performance of Zimbabwe economically but that has everything to do with the human rights violations by ZANU.

It is a shame to President John Joseph Magufuli of Tanzania as the man at helm of the SADC to act as if he is not aware that the economic melt down in Zimbabwe is as a result of the corrupt leaders. Leaders who are richer than the state itself and  Leaders who travel around the world each month, in private jets while the people they put into power can not afford 3 meals per day.

Mugulufi, a man whom when he came to power on a promise to root out corruption did not disappoint the Tanzanians. A man whom all Africans looked up at for demonstrating accountability even beyond the borders of Tanzania, cancelled lavish independence celebrations and slashed down the budget on foreign travels, and spent the money on citizens  needs, he is the same man who can't face Emmerson Mnangagwa and tell him he is the reason behind the bleeding of Zimbabwe.

SADC has never in the history of its formation said a word about the massacres in cold blood of over 80 000 Mthwakazi people but  here it is today, leading from the front in the campaign against the sanctions on targeted individuals in ZANU because they do not enjoy free movement in and out of Europe and America.

This proves beyond any reasonable doubt that SADC is only a regional ZANU whose mandate is to ensure that Mthwakazi people's cries do not echo beyond the borders of Zimbabwe and as MLF, we challenge Mugulufi and his team to prove us wrong in so saying, by addressing the Zimbabwe issue on Mthwakazi land because Zimbabwe itself is the sanctions that were imposed on Mthwakazi by the British in 1980. Why would it (SADC) be determined to fight off the sanctions that the same Britain and company imposed just a few years back on a few targeted individuals, ignoring those that were imposed on the whole nation and the sanctions that have prolonged the captivity and landless of Mthwakazi since 1893.

On that note, we call upon all Mthwakazi people not to dare take part in the talked about demonstration until the forced Zimbabwean rule is removed from Mthwakazi.

Vuka Mthwakazi Vuka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source - MLF

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