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Banning of cultural weapons in Bulawayo is stripping Mthwakazi of power - MLF

by MLF
25 Oct 2019 at 07:40hrs | Views
He who is guilty of some stupid acts is he who feels threatened by the carrying of cultural weapons like  knobkerries and sticks in the City of Kings. The move to ban these weapons by Superintendent Garikai Gwangwava, an officer foreign to the life and cultures of Mthwakazi citing murder cases in the city, is only in disguise.  The fact of the matter is that the government of the killer Mnangagwa is living in the fear of the 'unknown'. The move is a direct attack on the cultures of Mthwakazi men in particular, whom it is cultural wrong for them to walk around empty handed.

A knobkerry in Mthwakazi culture is a symbol of strength and power, authority and social prestige and no male shall not have one, let alone a homestead. So stripping Mthwakazi men of such weapons is stripping them of power, authority and respect in their own back yard and it shall not be tolerated.

This kind of disarmament of Mthwakazi people is nothing different from what ZANU did in the birth of Zimbabwe where the Zipra guerillas were disarmed and every Mthwakazi home was ransacked to get rid of such weapons only to give an opportunity to the under-trained Zanlas to strike without any resistence from Mthwakazi. When that happened, Mthwakazi people had been identified as South Africans who should be driven back to South Africa if they survived the gruesome attacks. Recently, Energy Mutodi identified Mthwakazi people as such again and we as MLF are expecting nothing less than the deployment of the second Gukurahundi in Mthwakazi at any given minute.

In that light, we warn Mthwakazi people particularly men to guard not only against being undressed in the eyes of everyone but not to accept such madness and expose the nation to planned Shona attacks.

Let no Mthwakazi man is seen empty handed in the eyes of the mediums of the nation.

VUKA MTHWAKAZI VUKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source - MLF

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