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The MDC in full support of the suffering government workers

by Luke Tamborinyoka
01 Nov 2019 at 08:59hrs | Views
The MDC is in full support of next week's proposed work-stoppage by government workers in light of the paltry average monthly salary of
$475 for civil servants, which can hardly buy 26 litres of fuel.

The illegitimate Zanu PF government has already criminalized the hard working doctors and medical personnel who are incapacitated to
come to work due to their measly salaries and despicable working conditions. This government is in fact responsible for the slow genocide
taking place in the country's dysfunctional health institutions, where Zimbabweans are dying due to lack of drugs and poor remuneration
for our dedicated medical staff.

As a party borne out of the sweat, toil and tears of the working people of Zimbabwe, the MDC is in full support of the legitimate right of civil
servants to peacefully express themselves against this uncaring government.

In the villages, in the mining towns and across the urban areas, Zimbabweans can barely afford a full meal due to the cluelessness of the
illegitimate Mnangagwa regime. Prices of fuel and basic commodities are going up every week while the politically connected ravenous elite
engages in unbridled corruption as in the massive rot exposed in the murky Command Agriculture programme, where US$3 billion
disappeared without trace while our courts have become waiting rooms for  rapacious well-heeled top politicians  appearing on corrupt charges.
The point must be made that the real culprits in this massive game of corruption remain scot free.
We reiterate that until and unless the crisis of legitimacy arising out of the stolen election of 2018 is resolved, the country will remain mired
in the current economic challenges, which challenges are symptomatic of the illegitimacy crisis afflicting this regime.

As a party borne out of the blood of labour, we are therefore in full support of the decision by government employees to express themselves
against an uncaring employer.

Luke Tamborinyoka
Deputy National Spokesperson

Source - Luke Tamborinyoka

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