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Heavily armed security state agents raid Paul Siwela's home again

by Israel Dube
17 Dec 2019 at 13:21hrs | Views
MLO President Cde Paul Siwela's home was this morning stormed by Zimbabwe security agents again.

8 man dressed in navy blue work-suits, armed with AK47ns and driving a white Toyota Sienna without number plates raided Cde Paul Siwela home this morning at 09h30 looking for him.

On their arrival 4 of them carrying cocked Ak47 rushed into the yard while 4 remained outside.

They found the gardener doing his work outside the house and asked him when last he saw Cde Paul Siwela and his whereabouts. The petrified and terrified gardener told them that he has never met him and does not know where he was since he was employed when Cde Paul Siwela was already in exile.

They then proceeded into the house where they found Cde Paul Siwela's daughter.They questioned her about Cde Paul Siwela's whereabouts to which she responded that she last saw him in 2013 when he left the country and had no idea on where he was at present.

The aggressive lot who were using crude and abusive language accused her of lying. They continued to interrogate her further, asking her where the rest of Cde Paul's children and family members were and why she remained in Zimbabwe and she told them that she was working as a teacher.

They then demanded the ID cards of both her and the gardener and took ID and contact numbers, issued them with their phone numbers, instructed them to call if they get info about Cde Paul Siwela's whereabouts.

Before they left they told Cde Paul Siwela's daughter to call her father and inform him that they need to meet him urgently to resolve his case because there is a new government.

We as MLO do not buy into this lie that they want to meet our leader to resolve the issues. If that was the case why were they armed with AK47ns? This is not a peaceful gesture at all but an act of cowardice by the government of Zimbabwe. We cannot be deceived we know that they are pursuing their agenda to assassinate Cde Paul Siwela.

We challenge them to gather some courage and arrange a meeting in a neutral venue to discuss how Matabeleland and Zimbabwe can be separated without loss of blood as we have already sent them a Notice of Demand for the Restoration of Matabeleland.

We further state that harassing and abusing Cde Paul Siwela's family and workers will not solve anything.

For the record, today MLO President Cde Paul Siwela once gain sent the Notice of Demand for the Restoration of Matabeleland to the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa reminding him to give immediate attention to the notice. This is the third notice sent to the government of Zimbabwe. We advice the government of Zimbabwe not to view this as an act of cowardice but an important and right move to avoid destructive flames of war.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube