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ZRP no longer visible in communities

by Presia Ngulube, MRP Vice-president
19 Dec 2019 at 19:24hrs | Views
Today I sent representatives to participate at the Njube - Lobhengula Constituency local peace committee that works under Zimbabwe Christian Alliance, where I am also an active member of the committee. The meeting was called to look at issues that have a potential to cause conflict.

The background of the peace committee is that the Zimbabwe Christian Alliance decided to create Constituency local peace committees. Political parties, churches, elderly, youth, among many other interest groups are represented in this committee. I am a member of the committee representing my party Mthwakazi Republic Party MRP, the committee is very important and handling important issues.

The issues raised today are as follows;

1. The Zimbabwe Republic Police have been found wanting residents complained that the policemen are no longer visible in the community, teenagers are seen during the day abusing drugs, alcohol, vuzu parties, thieves take advantage in the community and the Police are nowhere to be seen. Ward 14 community needs a police station of their own. The ZRP is also accused of openly taking bribes from all manner of illegal dealers in the community.

2. School children and the youth in general no longer listen to their parents and are now a cause for conflict in the community as they are associated with all manner of deliquency.

3. Bulawayo City Council has also been found wanting on a number issues chief among them is the issue of water unavailability, cutting down of people's vegetables and maize without prio awareness campaign. Asking people to pay same rates for the services they wouldn't have provided, considering the issue of water shedding.

4. The community complained of lack of moral social values amongst the people, parents no longer play their roles as good role models. Children are accused of all manner of indiscipline yet parents and all elderly people are supposed to lead by example and also take measures against immorality.

Ward 12 residents are not happy with the manner in which the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority is handling the issue of fixed electricity charge, because they are paying for a service that is not being rendered to them since electricity is always off.

The peace committee resolved to engage all service providers listed above.

Presia Ngulube is MRP Vice-president.

Source - Presia Ngulube