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Zapu acts to avert spread of #Covid-19

by Stephen Jakes
17 Mar 2020 at 09:12hrs | Views
Whereas ZAPU has a historical reputation and ability to foresee what is to come and its implications on our people,

Wheras ZAPU prioritises preservation of life of all citizens of Zimbabwe and indeed the world,

Whereas ZAPU has been the first and at the forefront calling for mitigation measures to combat the spread of the deadly novel corona virus that causes #Covid-19 disease,

Whereas the #Covi-19 disease has wrecked so much havoc and taken unprecedentedly many lives the world over,

Whereas the whole world is grappling with the effects of this pandemic and is seized with mitigation ways to contain and control it, with countries with solid health infrastructures struggling to bring the marauding virus under control,

Whereas the Zimbabwean government, whose health infrsstructure is in comatose, in its naive thinking that our country will be spared by the pandemic, continue to take the risk for granted,

Whereas, in our unfortunate situation as a country with no respobsible leadership, it becomes the responsibility of citizens, at individual level, to safeguard health and lives,

Therefore, the mother party, through its President Isaac Mabuka and his national executive, as we lead by example, have with immediate effect suspended all programs that involve gathering of its members and the general public.

All public meetings and rallies have been suspended indefinitely. Immediately affected is the Gwanda rally that was scheduled for the 28th of March, Nkayi public meeting that was slated for monthend of March as well as the provincial meetings in Bulawayo and Harare in the same month. This further affects all monthly provincial and inter provoncial gatherings.

The mother party will adopt other communication and interface means of conducting business and programs, that do not involve gatherings, in order to contribute to efforts to combat the spread of the disease among our people and communities. This is obviously over and above the standard practices recommended by health experts.

ZAPU is committed to a #Covid-19 free Zimbabwe and indeed join the wholewide world in fighting the pandemic. With the right mind and attitude, this disease can be put under control and also eradicated.

As such, we reiterate on our call to the government of Zimbabwe to suspend all gatherings immeduately. We call upon them to invest in information dissemination on ways our people can be safe from contracting and spreading the virus. We also call upon the government to ban all travel abroad, isolate all returning travellers and visitors and monitir them for 14 to 21 days, over and above compulsory testing upon return. The government is also obliged to clearly spell out its preparedness plans to combat the spread of the virus to the citizens.

To the citizens, continued obseving and practicing personal hygene will keep us safe. Avoid gatherings and crowding. In the event one suspects infection, seek immediate medical attention anf also self isolate or quarantine if need be to protect our loved ones from contracting the virus.

Let us all be our brother's and sister's keeper in the face of this world adversity.

Iphithule Thembani Maphosa
For ZAPU Presidency and National Publicity Department.

Source - Byo24News