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MDC-T to hold its National Policy Conference in Harare

by Ndou Paul
16 May 2013 at 11:42hrs | Views
The MDC-T will hold its National Policy Conference at the Jubilee Christian Centre in Harare from May 17 to 19 May 2013.

The theme for this year's Conference is; "Towards Real Transformation".

The party leader, President Morgan Tsvangirai will deliver the key note address during the three-day Convention which will be attended by the National Standing Committee, National Executive, National Council and Provincial Executive members from all the provinces.

The President's keynote address will set the tone that will be the basis of the next MDC-T government and his presidential and the MDC-T campaign for the elections for the coming elections.  He will celebrate the MDC-T's perseverance under years of deteriorating conditions with no food while schools, clinics and hospitals were closed.  President Tsvangirai will also highlight the MDC-T's achievements and what the future with an MDC-T government will be like.

The Policy Conference is a critical and defining moment for the MDC-T and the people of Zimbabwe as it takes place shortly before Zimbabwe holds its watershed elections that the MDC-T will resoundingly win.

During the Conference the all party's policies will be exhaustively debated by the delegates, which will lead to the birth of the party's manifesto for the 2013 elections and the party's agenda when it forms the next government after the elections.  

The comprehensive document that will be debated on is known as the 'Agenda for Real Transformation' (ART).

Some of the key policies that will be under discussion are on the Jobs, Upliftment, Investment, Capital and the Environment (JUICE).

It will also focus on how the next MDC-T government will make available one million jobs in the next five years, its social policy on decent education, health, housing, ICT, capacity utilisation and empowerment.  It will also dwell on social justice, women and youth policies.

Other policies include the party's position on land.  The MDC-T's land policy is that land is irreversible but should be one household, one farm and the need for an independent land audit, the establishment of a land commission and that land should be democratised.  

The party has also fine tuned some of its past policies and these are included in the new ART document.

After the three day event, the MDC-T will come out united, geared for the next elections and with a clear vision on how the party will move the country forward through tackling high unemployment currently pegged at 85 percent, secure local and foreign investment, infrastructure development, respect for the rule of law and human rights.

The Policy Conference is an indication that the MDC-T is geared to take the people of Zimbabwe to the next level where they will have  a better life, jobs, health and education and not for Zimbabwe to exist as a pariah State but for her to join other countries in the international community of nations.

Meanwhile, the MDC-T finds it unAfrican for some sections of the media to claim that the MDC-T policies were written by foreigners.  The MDC-T finds it strange that when everything that is good, well crafted and produced locally, some sections of the media tend to think it was done outside the country.  The MDC-T's ART was crafted internally in the party through its provincial structures and with the assistance of the academia.  ART is a home drafted project written by the MDC-T.

The Policy Conference will be a colourful and joyous occasion that no party in Zimbabwe has ever done and will do except the MDC-T.

Invited guests include; the media, diplomats, sister organisations, non-governmental organisations, academia, trade unions, representatives from the youth, women organisations and business.  Live entertainment will be provided by some of the top musicians and poets in the

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