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Zapu Bulawayo province on Councillors stands allocation

by Mkhululi Zulu
14 Apr 2016 at 09:34hrs | Views
The Bulawayo Province of the Zimbabwe African People's Union (Zapu) vehemently supports the position and statements of the Bulawayo Residents Association on the rampant corruption, gross political abuse and manipulation because of blatant greed and obvious politics of self-aggrandizement of the current MDC-T councillors who are awarding themselves land claiming that they have rights as "ordinary citizens".

The shameless defence of these socio-economic evils by the Mayor Mr. Moyo justifies the association's stance and indeed the appeal to some higher office of the central and national government. It is painfully disheartening to see these individuals seizing any opportunity to amass wealth using their offices as local government officials. True goes the saying "once a lumpen, always a lumpen"

While doing nothing about the gruesome collapse of our city of Bulawayo as a whole and always hypocritically hiding behind the failures of the Central government of Zanupf, these MDC-T councillors have proved to be dangerously opportunistic left, right and centre. Zapu and indeed the silent majority of Bulawayo residents understand the association's irritations, anger and quest to see that justice prevails in the affairs of the city of Bulawayo.  These MDC-T councillors are taking the Bulawayo electorate for granted to a point where they now believe that they just do whatever they like as long as they define it as their "right" even if it is clear looting.

Obviously these men and women have abandoned their initial position as a political grouping based on the interests and needs of the workers.  They have become economic vultures preying on whatever is left in Bulawayo. There is no doubt that they are now in cahoots with Zanupf to destroy our city.

Source - Zapu Byo