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Zapu worry over poor turn out for voter registration in Matabeleland

by Stephen Jakes
31 Dec 2019 at 11:16hrs | Views
Opposition Zapu party has expressed worries over the poor turn out for for voter registration that has prevailed in Matabeleland provinces.

According to projections the three Matabeleland provinces, Matabeleland North and South and Bulawayo are likely to lose a total of six constituencies this time if the people in the region do not turn out to register as voters.

Zapu spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa said a call was made for Matabeleland to register as voters.

"I am one of the few who made this call for a considerable time on this and all other platforms lasemihlanganweni eminengi. Instead of heeding the call many chose to denigrate me and my political home, Zapu. It was the same people from Matabeleland, many of whom are not registered voters," he said.

"I explained the implications if not registering, which are chiefly loss of constituencies and loss of a considerable share of state resources that are allocated according to voter density instead of population density and needs assessment."

He said he was ridiculed, by the same Matabeleland people, many of whom are not registered voters. 

"What I didn't want to say out during the time of my call was that by not registering to vote, Matabeleland will give the government another chance and justification for gerrymandering constituencies as they did soon after independence. (NB-ZAPU has evidence of this including characters who actually implemented it)," he said. 

"Well, this is where we are now. I would like to see how our people deal with this. They will once again gerrymander and Matabeleland is set to be the victim once more."

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Source - Stephen Jakes