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Zim EFF statement on the passing of former President Robert Mugabe

08 Sep 2019 at 09:34hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters would like to extend revolutionary condolences to the Mugabe family and to many Zimbabweans who mourn his passing on. We recognise with gratitude the sacrifice that former President Mugabe made to the liberation of Zimbabwe from a vicious imperial tyranny of colonialism. His contribution to the liberation struggle is immeasurable and for that reason many of our people will remain eternally grateful.

Whilst we salute former President Mugabe as a liberation hero, we also recognise the pain and suffering he caused to many Zimbabweans during his ruthless and disastrous rule. Many Zimbabweans today are poorer, hopeless and feel humiliated wherever they are as a consequence of Mugabe's ruinous rule. His rule was characterised by brutal repression, endemic corruption and systematic poor economic policies that left an empty shell which will take years to fix. Many Zimbabweans lost their lives during the Gukurahundi massacres of the 1980s and the years that followed. Mugabe never atoned for his crimes.

Sadly, this revolutionary liberation icon, who became a despotic ruthless leader has left a legacy of corruption, poverty, dictatorship, collapsed economy, poor health care systems, militarised institutions and a declining education system. This is a sad indictment of a once upon a time, liberation hero who turned to a ruthless oppressor of his own people. The ruthless machinery he used to oppress his own people is still intact and has been inherited by his former comrades in Zanu PF. The suffering of poor Zimbabweans continues under the rule of Zanu PF, a brutal regime Mugabe created.

The land redistribution programme that former President Mugabe championed was a remarkable revolutionary idea of righting the wrongs of the past. However, it was clumsily implemented and largely benefited his family, friends, the military bosses, Zanu PF cabal and corrupt elite. This was a lost opportunity to redress the land question which had been a pivotal cause for the armed struggle across the continent. The question of multiple farm ownerships demonstrates that there still is an urgent need to address this anomaly for the true benefit of the poor and marginalised of society.

The Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters call upon the current Government of Zimbabwe, to implement urgent political and economic reforms to stop the long suffering of the people of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe will never experience peace and success that it was once known for unless there is unconditional redress for the atrocities committed by the regime over the four decades of its rule.

Innocent Gagu-Ndibali (Commander in Chief )
For any inquiries contact: Victor Mpofu , National Spokesperson Cell number : +263771943180/+263713217854 Email: Twitter: @vnngwaladi

Source - Innocent Gagu-Ndibali
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