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A Hero No, A Dictator Yes!!

06 Sep 2019 at 10:38hrs | Views
A Hero No, A Dictator Yes!!

He once boasted that he had died many times even more than Jesus Christ (that was blasphemy by the way). He thought himself as if he was God, the infallible one, they always called him His Excellence President Robert Gabriel Mugabe. I won't forget how he killed, abducted thousands of his political opponents who simply differed with him, and instead of just saying am sorry he would argue that it was a moment of madness. Gukurahundi will remain a sad chapter in our life as Zimbabweans not only because many innocent people were killed but mainly because those who perpetrated this heinous genocide are dying one by one without saying sorry to the remaining victim’s family.

If am to be asked how I would describe Robert Mugabe as a person, I would struggle because Bob was one such person who you would struggle to understand, how do you describe someone who would kill his political opponent today but declare him a National Hero tomorrow? You see you can’t even describe that person. Instead of consoling the family of those whom he had killed, he even boasted that he had degrees n violence. It's sad that he has died without the word "sorry" coming out from his mouth, I won’t forget in 2002 when I witnessed cases of people being abducted some have never been found even up today, what happened to Itai Dzamara, his family still need answers, what about people like Tonderai Ndira, Tonderai Machiridza, Gift Tandare, Learnmore Jongwe, Patrick Nebanyama and even their own cadres like Cain Nkala , Moven Mahachi, Solomon Mujuru etc, now my Q is, was it too bad or even too late for him to call each family one by one and say am sorry. Gukurahundi came and it's sad that even before he died he never apologized meaning to him it was all child's play. What a cruel and evil human being he was.

In Robert Mugabe I see someone who’s worse than anything evil you can think of in Afrika. I remember the long sleeves and the short sleeves of 2008, even when he knew that the people no longer loved him, he still forced himself on them, who does that? Robert Mugabe is the Chief Architect of all our problems as Zimbabweans. We have exported ourselves to different countries because of Robert Mugabe. Let’s remember how the Zim dollar collapsed, how he ventured into the DRC war which was not even necessary for Zimbabwe as a country, how he paid gratuities of Z$50,000.00 to every War Veteran so that they could help him to kill, and rig elections for him. Even when the Zim dollar crushed on that famous black Friday, he was not moved at all and he continued on the same trajectory of destruction by taking farms by force from white farmers and we all know where this ended, the economy collapsed and inflation became the order of the day, industries closed, unemployed rate rose to unimaginable heights. Did he learn No, did he care No.
 In life you can't always be right, it can't always go your way, but that was Robert Mugabe for you, his way was his way and it needed to be his way otherwise death was going to visit you immediately if you ever tried to question anything. We have plenty of examples of people who are in their graves right now simply because they asked him questions or maybe differed with his style of leadership. Many including myself have resorted to use pseudonyms or nicknames so that we are free to say or write what we want on social media because we know if we had used our real names, Bob’ merciless secret soldiers of death will visit you in no time. Let’s remember Dzikamai Mavhaire who was banned from Zanu pf simply because he had asked Bob when he was going to retire. Is it really a crime to ask your leader when he thinks he will retire?

In his own old head he told himself that he knew what was best for Zimbabwe, he also told himself that Zimbabweans don't really know what is good for them, so he has to help them to think, he has to help them make decisions because he was more wiser than anyone else in Zimbabwe which is why he referred to Zimbabwe as His Zimbabwe, “ Blair keep your England and I will keep my Zimbabwe” as if Zimbabwe belonged in his pocket, which is why even when we voted for MDC in 2008 he went on to kill many people during operation mavhotera Papi arguing that Zimbabweans made wrong voting decisions in the earlier election which had made MDC take over Parliament for the first time since Independence. Who don’t remember the June runoff election? Many lost their hands, many lost their lives, that was Mugabe for you there. The June run off made Mugabe the winner by a margin of 80…% and he quickly installed himself as duly elected President of Zimbabwe, People we are talking of someone who has no shame at all and it’s sad that even in his death people have quickly forgotten his many atrocities which he presided over when he was the Chief Commander, First Secretary, bla bla bla Chancellor of all State Universities, President of Zimbabwe.

Lastly, I for one will struggle to shed a tear because I grew up under his evil rule. Yes, ED is not good either, but Mugabe is the worst dictator one can think of in Africa. With him it was all about power and power only, it wasn't about the people, it wasn't even about the land because we know who benefited at the end of the day. It was about him, it was about Zanu pf and it was about himself and his family only. Let’s not forget how he wanted to put his wife Grace as the Vice President of Zimbabwe. A hero No, an Evil Dictator Yes. Go well Baba Bona.

Umzukulu Ka Sitsha writes in his personal capacity.

Source - Umzukulu Ka Sitsha
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