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Celebrated heroism in Mugabe is a joke

07 Sep 2019 at 19:48hrs | Views
Robert Gabriel Mugabe the late former president of Zimbabwe should never have ruled this enormously rich country which he empoverished from the bread basket of Africa to a begger's status.

Mugabe might have been called an intelligent person by those who adored him, but what kind of intelligence fails to read between the lines and lead people and the country to economic progress instead of abject poverty.

What kind of an intelligent person resorts to violence to eliminating the opposition instead of enjoying the challenge it provides and use it as a catalyst for progress? What kind of an intelligent person threatens the hand that feeds him.

"Tony Blair.. keep your England and let me keep my Zimbabwe", and he makes all these threats dwarfed in adversity with no armoury to turn to in case war is thrown to him. What kind of an intelligent person fails to realise his poor performance and wants to rule until he dies, and actually says that out of 15 million people he cannot find his replacement. Robert Gabriel Mugabe was an arrogant appallingly dull hypocrite who destroyed Zimbabwe and refused to admit his failures until he died.

Some say Mugabe was an icon. An icon of what? An icon of tyranny? An icon of deaths to his subjects, poverty and human degradation? An icon of international economic isolation of the country he ruled? Robert Mugabe
was a criminal, a mass murderer who deserved a death sentence at a court of law.

I used to think that zanu-PF was going to change its ways of choosing people to be buried at the heroes acre, the heros and heroines but no, they still bury criminals there. In what way does Robert Mugabe qualify to be buried at the hero's acre? What did he do to deserve a hero's status?

Just about two years ago Emerson Mnangagwa the current president of Zimbabwe scampered across borders, claiming to be running away from Robert Mugabe who wanted to kill him. Just yesterday, the same Emerson Mnangagwa declared the same Robert Mugabe a national hero. How is that for hypocrisy of the highest order?

Zanu-PF is a funny political party that is busy playing kids games when people are suffering. How do you declare a person who wanted to kill you a hero? What, is he thanking him for the lessons of how to rule heavy handedly? With such unprincipled leadership, this country is going nowhere and such is the legacy of Robert Gabriel Mugabe and that is what he is an icon and a legend of. Celebrated heroism in him is a joke.

Clemen Moyo ka Mangena
+263 712 708 284/778 662 090

Source - Clemen Moyo ka Mangena
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