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Jacob Mudenda set to challenge Mnangagwa?

11 Sep 2019 at 13:10hrs | Views
A section of the Matebeleland community has come out openly urging Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda to challenge ED Mnangagwa for the position of First Secretary in the ruling party ZANU PF.

Details emerged of a plot to encourage and set Mudenda as a candidate to challenge ED Mnangagwa. Sources indicate that a faction within ZANU PF calling itself the "moderates" has had meetings with various diplomatic players and the name of Jacob Mudenda has come up as a moderate who could replace ED Mnangagwa.

Sources indicate that the European Union kingmakers agree and view Mudenda as a moderate and reasonable man who is likely to usher in reforms and governance systems that are of international standards and acceptable to the EU.

Jacob Mudenda is a veteran politician and lawyer who has served as Speaker of Parliament, Resident Minister of Matebeleland North among several other positions. Jacob Mudenda is widely accepted as a compromise candidate to lead a Transitional Authority under the MDC's RELOAD proposal. Some top MDC officials have good working and personal relationships with Mudenda and are willing to vouch for him as a leader of a Transitional government. The Transitional Authority angle relies heavily on the success of the moderates within ZANU PF.

The plot by "moderates" to capture ZANU PF is already in motion. Sources indicated that the first step was to isolate ED Mnangagwa from his erstwhile loyalists. Energy Mutodi who is deputy Minister of Information is one such loyalist set to be sacked under a grand plan by moderates. Mutodi is targeted for being a key ED campaigner during the Mugabe era - Mutodi won over a huge audience to ED's camp through his twitter and Facebook accounts. Mutodi was one of the few pro ED voices on social media, he remains one very strong voice that has to be muted if moderates are going to succeed in capturing ZANU PF.

Mutodi has been troubled by overzealous trolls who have taken his words out of context and built hatchet narratives in a bid to tarnish him and alienate him from the President.

The moderates already succeeded in painting a picture of division between ED and Chiwenga and they have brewed mistrust which is likely to affect the working relationship between the President and his Vice. Another victim of the moderates alienation campaign has been Terence Mukupe was drowned and washed away from the shores of social media. Overzealous trolls on the payroll of moderates drove a working wedge between ED and Mukupe through making Mukupe seem unpopular, the same strategy being employed on Energy Mutodi.

The moderates seek an ouster of all ZANU PF hardliners. It has been revealed that the Transitional Authority lead by Mudenda would only be successful when Mnangagwa is ousted from ZANU PF.

Contacted for comment on the issue some community leaders said they would support a Transitional Authority lead by Mudenda and they would support a Mudenda bid for the Presidency if ever it saw the light of day.

Several people including Ndodana Moyo who is Chairperson of the Abantwana bo Mzalabalazo have indicated that there is absolutely nothing wrong with challenging anyone for any position in a democratic society. Ndodana went to say that it would be unifying to have a leader who is not tainted by the Gukurahundi brush as Jacob Mudenda's hands and reputation are clean. Ndodana also said if there is such a plot he would be happy to throw his weight and support behind Mudenda as he is likely to advance the cause of the people of Matebeleland.

Jacob Mudenda recently called on President Mnangagwa to apologise for Gukurahundi. This earned him praise and trust from the anti ZANU PF community in Matebeleland.

Several Ndebele leaders have vowed to support anyone who will get rid of Mutodi from government following his statement on the Ndebele. Contacted for comment Deputy Minister Mutodi said his statement was taken out of context. He highlighted that his statement was made in the context of Xenophobia happening in South Africa. Deputy Minister Mutodi indicated that there is no need or reason for South Africans to fight people from Matebeleland as they were related by ancestry, history, geography and dialect with the Ndebele matching the Zulu pound for pound in cultural, religious and traditional customs that make them inseparable.

Source - Thulani Gumede
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