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Four big wigs who said no to Heroes Acre for Mugabe embarrassed

12 Sep 2019 at 05:58hrs | Views
The death of comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe has left us with a lot of lessons. The first and important lesson is that of maturity. Political maturity.

Among the peoples of the world some are called 'politically mature' and others 'politically backward'. There is not always agreement as to which people are which, but it is generally accepted that judgments of this kind are not meaningless. Zimbabwe was gifted with four senior political immature leaders whose behaviour in regards to politics is pathetic,disgusting and totally disappointing. These are the Minister of defence Madam Kashiri and her deputy Comrade Matemadanda with comrade Chinotimba and the Senate president madam Chinomona. Their widely publicised comments about Comrade Robert Mugabe exposed their verbal diarrhoea skills. Their utterances exposes their wisdom or lack of it thereof.     

No doubt, their misjudgments measured their morality and when they are so, we must know the moral preferences of the persons making them before we can understand the judgments.
The use of such words as 'backward' and 'mature' implies that what they are applied to, not merely changes, but develops.

Political maturity is something which is rare to find in the political scenario of mentioned quartet.  Maturity, as they call it is an asset to politics all over the world. In most of the countries the world over, the politicians stoop to any low level to achieve what they want. They want recognition by hook or by crook.
A leader must be bothered about the political correctness or morality in their varied activities. Political correctness is defined in the way they like.

It is granted that in the preceding the operation restore legacy a lot of animosity was created between two factions. Party members were leaving in fear of being labelled traitors and many lined with the ruling faction. The factions were in the same party, which therefore called for maturity. When factional wars were over maturity was supposed to kick in. The party wanted leaders who will unite the party and the nation. President Mnangagwa started at a solid footing. He opened Zimbabwe for business. He open the democratic space allowing democratic forces to breathe. ED as he is known broke all barriers which had created boundaries and allowed every Zimbabwean to have a democratic space which opened doors for investors to come. However some overzealous cadres took the excitement to power above board. This is a common ailment of almost all political parties, which has earned them the sobriquet - politics is the last resort of a scoundrel.

Ed has abundantly warned people in his many exhortations and memorable speeches about such people and against castigating Mugabe even if he might have appeared to have erred. But sadly what we observed in Zimbabwe in recent times is a pitiable mix of cheap politics laced with personal scores to settle. They have become hard-core fundamentalists who play on their sentiments of the people who are not properly politically motivated/educated. Mable Chinomona while addressing women's league made it her business to insult Mugabe. Chinomona went further to accuse Mugabe of not fighting in the war for our freedom. In trying to be a tough iron lady she exposed herself and showed the world that she is too petty and immature. She proved that she knew nothing about politics. She was a political novice who is swimming in the dirty of her ignorance. She indeed is a person still under a million blankets of political paganism.

What an embarrassment that a war veterans doesn't understand that for a war to be fought they needed organization, finances, weapons, trainers, training camps, food, clothes, boots and protection from frontline states. The war needed administration and with poor administration the war will be lost.
Who does madam Chinomona  think negotiated and organized those?

After Ndabaningi Sithole in collusion with Smith, Vorster, Kissinger and Kaunda called Zanla forces terrorists after they refused to stop the war and he asked Kaunda to arrest them.

It took just one year of Zanla soldiers being attacked by Zambian soldiers, improsoned and starved in Zambia for the war effort to almost come to a stand still.

In that period the stakes tilted on Smith he became stronger and its only after Zanu leaders moved to Mozambique and began to negotiate with the OAU, donors overseas and frontline states for food, weapons, trainers and training bases for fighters did they get strong enough to begin the war in 1977 for Gukurahundi2 or the final push. This could not have been possible without office war veterans. Calling those who stayed away from the frontline as traitors is total insanity. Chinamano did not expect Mugabe to carry a gun and join others in the trenches. The war needed brains and strategists. Does Chinamano know why the president of the state is heavily guarded more than any other person, why is a General guarded. It is because they are the face of the war. Their capture captures the whole army and leads to a defeat.  

Without office fighters they would have been stranded and died of hunger in Zambia and Tanzania as refugees.
It takes planning, organization, leadership and control (management) for a war to be directed and won.

What an embarrassment from a war vet to be so ignorant. Interesting how everything is blamed on leadership when things don't work but followers want to take credit when there is success.  Chinomona's utterances are not only shameful but embarrassing.

Moreover,  as I have often written, one does not cast his votes, one votes his cast. 'Casteism' and communalism are at its worst in the present day Politics as the appointed leaders do not stand for common unity based on the cultural oneness of the nation. They stand for temporary gains but at what cost? They themselves do not know that Zimbabwe needs statesmen who think of the long term prosperity and wellbeing of the nation and not temporary gains. Not those who start kicking the man who has already fallen. The street leaders and others who are not politically mature have taken over and are having a field day shelling their profanity on the legend.

It took the whole office of the president and first secretary to call the errant cadres to order. Slogans were already set denouncing Mugabe. Mugabe never imagined that in his life he will see persecution by his own party members.

Mnangagwa must be applauded for reigning in the errand comrades who made it their satanic business to strip Mugabe nak*d. Slogans denigrating Mugabe were banned. This showed a great maturity and excellent statesmanship in the name of Mnangagwa.

It is time the political pundits and leaders who are the intellectual beacons of the country speak with one voice and one heart. Especially at a juncture when the country needs leaders who stand for unity in diversity. It is time Zimbabwe stood united against its enemies and make the nation stronger. Time when a united Zimbabwe stood against its enemies and made it a stronger nation.

The other person is the most senior cadre and the most powerful woman in Zimbabwe. This is Madam Muchinguri Rushesha Kashiri. She vomited insults directed on Mugabe who was defenceless old and rugged. Ophar sought to arouse the audience by diverting from her speech to venture into undignified insults on Mugabe.God is good the president Mnangagwa stood by Mugabe calling him his mentor. Despite the fact that ED stood the venom of Grace he never waved his love for RG Mugabe.

It confuses how ED's juniors would insult Mugabe while their principal heaved him with praises. It only shows the hollowness of the misguided cadres.

We're used to interpreting the problems of nations principally in political and economic terms. But long before they manifest themselves in these dimensions, they are something else: problems of emotional maturity. Nations start to go wrong not when they have this or that misguided policy or leader but when the emotional maturity that can be brought to bear on political questions falls below a critical level. When you turn against your own you shoot yourself in the heart.

The behaviour of Matemadanda Chinotimba showed  emotional immaturity. It gave out a deep and immediate temptations of the psyche that pull nations apart. A few suggestions of archetypal attitudes exhibited by Chino, Matemadanda and the two ladies of shame,It is somebody else's fault, in this case Mugabe,principally the stranger who came from over there and sullied what was once pure.The best chance of making yourself happier is to take away the roots of maddening cheer which confuses these power hungry cadres who turn their blazing insults on Mugabe.  The situation is so critical, only a massive, swift change can solve it. Big problems must have volcanic solutions. â€" If one disagree with you it does not mean that he does not know what's think that you represent common-sense and the base-line of the truth. You would think that you need to be rude. Politeness is a luxury You can't afford. It is in part slick 'good  manners' that have brought others where they are. Always equate the person who understands your pain â€" and describes it back to you with eloquence â€" with the person who has the solution to your pain.  This by contrast, is what Political Emotional Maturity sound like  Mugabe might have been frightening and at points inconvenient, but your own misery did not begin and will not end with mugabe. What's more,is that you will one day be out of office reliant on the charity of those in office. You will not succeed alone on your rock. You must know that smashing Mugabe's legacy won't fix yours â€" Kicking a machine with many intricate parts and complex malfunctions doesn't fix it. â€" Other people might be bearers of inconvenient but necessary information. â€" The rule of politeness is a horrible limitation when You are angry and strong; but it offers vital protection when you are. â€" Being given what You impulsively want isn't the same as getting what you need. The real cure might not â€" for a maddeningly long while â€" feel like a cure.

Imagine the climb down they are now making. Matemadanda and Chinotimba will be behind Chinomona  and Muchinguri Rushesha Kashiri shedding crocodile tears paying the last disrespect to The Hero Of Africa. Shame on you.

Zimbabwe must learn from ED. He never sought to revenge. He is a real leader surrounded by immature disrespectful cadres.

As the four file past the lifeless body of Mugabe their every shameful step is a hard lesson of humility.
Comrades do not strip each other nak*d in public. They always stick to the sogan"asingazive ngaadzidzswe". The one who is ignorant let him be educated".

Our insulted hero will give us his legacy. It is what he did which will leave forever.Heroes do not die. They only  rest. REST WELL OUR DEAR HERO. PLEASE REST IN PEACE

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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