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Of the South African confusion

12 Sep 2019 at 08:28hrs | Views
South Africa has two current types of politically inclined confusions that we are witnessing as Zimbabweans. The first one of course is this primitive but very costly xenophobic crusade against largely Africans who find themselves in that country. The crusades do not touch white foreigners but burn to death Africans and their properties. There seems to be no one who can bring sanity to the situation as any call to any reasoning infuriates the crusaders more.

The world has never been told that the South Africans have called upon their leadership at any level in a constructive and non-violent manner to address the issue of influx of foreigners into their country. They are not calling for any laws to protect their "jobs, their women and themselves from foreigners who are selling drugs''. There is mobilisation to destroy burn and kill.

Repercussions have been there obviously. The once cherished South Africans are now hated and despised. Even their goods will be boycotted by the rest of the continent. Business and sport has already suffered.  Some sporting teams have refused to play with South African Teams. Very soon it will be "gone are the days that South Africans were darlings" of the rest of the Africans. Africans will unite against them. This might not mean much for these unfortunate victims of apartheid who still suffer from its hangover that they cannot get over with.

The second one is this Julius Malema one, the first class ideological clown who shamelessly claims he is taking after the tyrant Robert Mugabe. Of course Zimbabweans have been reading a lot of his talks but on Mugabe we dare not let the political parrot go without us registering our disgust at his clumsiest utterances concerning us. Malema who calls his hallucinations a revolution attempts to understand why Mugabe in a "revolution" killed Ndebele women and children. He dares dream that history will absolve his satanic hero.

Typical of one possessed with a Nazi demon as is evidenced by the uniform even in Parliament Malema who is enjoying and abusing the democracy and freedom of his country says ZanuPf has the support of the masses. One wonders whether he really knows or bothers to follow what is happening in Zimbabwe. The obvious truth is that he enjoys the luxuries of his country and that he just gets up calling a press conference where he just utters whatever comes to his mind. We live here. We underwent all the brutalities of Robert Mugabe that had nothing to do with anything that can be called a people's revolution. ZanuPF has never bothered to address the question of capitalism. Mugabe and all the ZanuPF gurus have looted whatever they could and some of them have hidden the stolen wealth in South Afirca. They are among the richest Africans in the continent. Mugabe has left over a billion dollars of wealth to his children who are spending thousands on drugs. That is a revolutionary to emulate for Malema!

In collaboration with the West in their strategy to eliminate the Soviet influence in the region, Mugabe murdered even MK guerrillas who were fighting against the apartheid regime and  half schooled pseudo revolutionaries like Malema call that a revolution. Mugabe was a British knight, something like Sir Robert Gabriel Mugabe for the British. His master killer Perence Shiri was invited to the highest British military institution. All that was after the butchering of fellow Africans largely peasants from Matebeland.

Malema has a problem of hating Ngunis. 34 miners were killed by the police at Marikana. He insulted his country's President of that time for the murder of " my people" but thousands of Ndebeles were killed in Zimbabwe. He calls the killer a revolutionary.  What revolution is it when even peaceful political opponents like Itai Dzamara are seized and murdered by Mugabe's men in broad day light for opposing ZanuPF?

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union has put it very accurately to the South African people. The people of that country must not say that they were not advised or for warned of an Idi Amin or a Mussolini type in their country. They must also know that ideological madness cannot be a prerogative of a particular group. The taxi owners or whoever is organising the xenophobic attacks on Africans is starting his own "revolution "also. The South Africans can admire whatever anarchy they want in their country like Julius Malema, but, though militarily subdued by ZanuPF for now, the people of Zimbabwe will triumph one day. They will retell the story of those who have made it very difficult to dislodge the ZanuPF murderers and looters and this includes the likes of Julius Malema.

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Source - Wiston Mazhandu
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