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'Mugabe died in exile!' - Rubbish, Singapore was dictator's haunt and very costly one to the nation

12 Sep 2019 at 21:10hrs | Views
The sheer arrogance, contemptuous disregard for the truth and heartless indifference to the suffering of the masses by the Zanu-PF thugs has never seize to amaze me. Never!
Zimbabwe's former dictator and president for 37 years, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, died in Singapore last week after spending five months in a five-star hospital at great expense to the nation. It is no secret that Singapore was a favourite haunt of Mugabe and his whole family; they went their every year for their holiday and all the health care needs.

In 2012 the then Minister of Finance, Tendai Biti revealed that Mugabe's health check trip to Singapore was costing the nation US$3 million @ trip and Mugabe made no fewer than 8 such trips that year alone. Mugabe's daughter had her a baby in the Far East too and all told the birth must have costed US$10 million, at least!

It has become the accepted norm for Zimbabwe's filthy rich ruling elite, not just Mugabe, to seek all their care needs outside the country. The present Minister of Health admitted that Zimbabwe was spending a staggering US$400 million a year on outside the country health care.

Zimbabwe's health care service has all but completely collapsed after decades of being starved of funds. It is a common occurrence for even the country's big hospitals to run out of something as basic as pain killers and bandages. The situation is the country's rural hospitals and clinics is a lot worse.

The late dictator, Robert Mugabe, was in his palatial five-star, no expense spared, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore, for five months and, as usual, the Zimbabwe taxpayer will pay the bill. No doubt the country was probably spending more on Mugabe's extravagant health needs than on the most basic needs of ten million Zimbabweans. Given such a grotesque disparity one would expect these callous Zanu-PF thugs to at least acknowledge the injustice of it all.

Former Zanu-PF national commissar Savior Kasukuwere, told SABC listeners that Mugabe died in "exile" haunted out of the country by his former Zanu-PF colleagues.

"I think to an extent that the harassment, the unfair behaviour by the comrades who have now taken over the country, we must put it clearly that you can't keep on doing this effectively Mugabe died in exile," said Kasukuwere

"To then caricature such a man just because you want power is unacceptable. I think the time has come for us to be very blunt with each other and say no Cdes we are going wrong, we are going astray, let's respect each other, let's respect the founding fathers of our, President Mugabe did not deserve to be treated in the manner he was."
There are two things to say to Kasukuwere and his fellow Zanu-PF thugs:

1)    Mugabe has been going to Singapore for his health care needs at public expense for decades because Zimbabwe's health care collapsed years ago. The least you lot can do is show some gratitude to the masses footing the bill at great cost to their own needs

2)    It is rich for any Zanu-PF thug complain of the "unfair treatment" they received from their former Zanu-PF cronies when the party has ridden roughshod over the millions of ordinary Zimbabweans these last 39 years, denying them their freedom, human rights and even the right to life. Whilst Zanu-PF thugs are fighting each other over political power and the looted wealth, what wrong has the povo done!

3)    Mugabe and the rest of the Zanu-PF thugs are not liberation heroes or heroines of the millions of ordinary Zimbabwe still fighting for a meaningful vote and a fair share of the nation's wealth. Mugabe was a corrupt, incompetent, vote rigging and murderous dictator; the truth of that is everywhere you look in Zimbabwe, we don't need to wait for history to tell us.

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