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Join me in condemning Gushungo Clan & Mnangagwa over Mugabe's Mausoleum (Blue Roof)

15 Sep 2019 at 20:41hrs | Views
The decision by president ED's government to construct a Mausoleum for our dictator RG Mugabe should be condemned by right thinking Zimbabweans. The hospitals have no medicine, parents are struggling to pay school fees for their children, there is no ZESA across the country, there is no pipe water in urban areas, citizens are feeding with bread and glucose behind the closed doors BUT president ED Mnangagwa can afford to waste the insufficient tax-payers' money to build a Blue Roof for dictator Mugabe's remains. Therefore, join me in condemning the Gushungo Clan and ED's government for such a clueless move.

We don't have the culture of Mausoleums in Zimbabwe, not at all, may be the culture is there in Malawi. The bones of Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi are still to be located. Surprisingly, ED is now taking a decision to construct a mansion for the copse of our greatest dictator RG Mugabe. The decision by the Gushungo clan to request for a Mausoleum at the National Shrine from the government is provocative. There is no clan in Zimbabwe that is more equal than others. Why should they want to disturb peace among the Zimbabweans? Do they think that the Mausoleum will take Bob to heaven? Who is Bob by the way? Is he better than Chitepo, Tongogara, Nkomo and Lobengula?

There are great leaders (better than) Mugabe resting on the national shrine. Their graves are not covered by the Blue Roofs. Join me in condemning the Gushungo clan. If the government is going to construct a Blue Roof for Mugabe's bones, how are the Ndebele people going to feel for Nkomo's bones that are not covered? What about "ana" Samanyika? Chitepo's bones are not under the Blue Roof. The Tongogara's clan will be offended too. The Gushungo clan is now spearheading tribalism and division among Zimbabweans.

The former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela refused a Mausoleum. He requested to be buried in a graveyard together with his ancestors. He requested to be buried a normal way. In Zimbabwe, the Gushungo clan wants a special treatment compared to other clans and tribes. Their request is embarrassing. The Mausoleum will not cleanse his sins and evil activities on earth.

President ED did his bit by allowing our dictator RG Mugabe to get a State funeral. If the Gushungo clan does not allow their dictator RG Mugabe to be buried at the National Shrine just like other heroes, let them take his copse and bury to a location of their choice. Burying him under a Mausoleum at the shrine will provoke hate and division among the Zimbabweans. The request for a Mausoleum is not only an embarrassment to the Gushungo clan but also to God. Please send this piece to ED and his government members and we need to send to them a petition. Don't also forget to send to the members of the Gushungo clan as well. Warn them against provoking tribal hate in our country and request them to construct a Mausoleum to a location of their choice.

Don Chigumba can be found on twitter @Donchigumba

Source - don Chigumba
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