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Cradle and creche robbers must be stopped

20 Sep 2019 at 19:49hrs | Views
The little girl (hardly twelve years old) ducked behind the 'gonyeti' giggling rather stupidly. Caught between the shame of being too young for the trade and the desire to parade 'her assets' to attract the highest bidder, the budding adolescent seemed uncomfortable but very prepared for the lucrative encounter.

Welcome to the heart wrenching world of child prostitution that is now rife at growth points and border towns. The beer-bellied but monied long distance truck drivers do not see 'children but wives' despite that the girls are still wet behind the ears.

The cradle or 'creche robbers' do not fit in the class of men of today or fathers that we expect of them, men who protect the children not violate and ravage them. Even in towns and cities night spots the youngsters are literally crawling on all fours looking for money.

Indeed money is not evil but is the root of all evil. On the other hand, some elder sisters' husbands get 'free rides' on the poor souls under the guise of customs and traditions. Shun the tradition and help protect the children.

Some churches are on record encouraging child marriages. Educate the girl child and help empower her. Casanova prosperity prophets and lusty pastors must not be allowed near the young girls. Secret prayer sessions and deliverance sleep-overs have become their hunting grounds. That bearded 'Madzibaba' with mischievous winks who comes midnight for tea must be told off.

May true worshippers stand up?

Tondorindo. Matepatepa.

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Source - Tondorindo
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